Excel & Access

  • Excel: Many businesses rely on Microsoft Excel to keep track of data and to do calculations, forecasting, and planning. Landau Consulting has extensive experience in automating these functions.
  • Access: Sometimes a spreadsheet is not the best way to manage this data. Landau Consulting can create a multi-user database using your Excel data to give the added functionality and security you need.
  • Landau Consulting can automate and improve processes such as importing data from other systems, cleaning data, and increasing the integrity of final reports. We can build and email reports as needed to your colleagues, vendors, and/or clients.
  • How do you know if you need Excel or Access? Some make the decision based on familiarity with Microsoft Excel. Excel is everywhere and most people have used it or at least seen it. That is not necessarily the best approach to deciding on a data tool. Landau Consulting can help you understand your data needs and produce an optimal solution for your business using the most appropriate technology.