In honor of Passover, Landau Consulting presents

The 10 Plagues of the Internet Era (circa 2015)

  1. Email forwards:  If only forwarding email to all your friends was not so easy!
  2. Spam: Spam is the flotsam and jetsam of the internet that clogs our inboxes.  We don’t need mortgages, bootleg Viagra, and a sure-bet stock tip.  Please, please please, make it stop!
  3. Hoaxes and Scams: The hoaxes that we are expected to believe like Bill Gates paying you $5,000 for sharing a Facebook link! it’s a good thing we have Snopes! And as for scams, there is no end to the ways people try to get your money into their hands. If it sounds too good to be true, it still is, even if it is on the internet.
  4. Software updates:  So many of the applications you use each day (whether you know it or not) are regularly updated and their vendors insist on encouraging you to update.  You can make a lifestyle of applying these updates.
  5. Popups: No thanks, I don’t want to subscribe to your newsletter.  And if I do, I will be sure to click the link highlighted so prominently on the website.  Why do you bother me with those annoying popups?  The presence of a popup on your website ensures I will not sign up for your newsletter and I may well bounce right out of there and get what I am seeking elsewhere.
  6. Viruses:  Some are annoying, some are destructive, and some steal information.  Protect yourself with antivirus, backups, and a sensible and cautious approach to using the internet.
  7. Hard drive crash:  It is easy to forget that a computer is still an electromechanical device that can break. Protect yourself from loss by backing up your stuff.
  8. Tech “support”: When you need help with your computer, wouldn’t it be nice to speak with someone who can actually help in a prompt and efficient manner?
  9. Ransomware: Attacks like CryptoWall scramble all your documents, music, pictures, and videos. These files can only be unscrambled using a key that they will sell you.  It is absolutely ransom. Some people pay the ransom and then they are hit again later for another payment.  You can protect yourself from ransomware attacks with solid backups and careful internet practices.
  10. Identity theft: There really are bad guys out there who want your financial identity for their gain. Only execute financial transactions on secure and trusted websites (https sites) and never on a public computer or questionable wireless network.


If you have questions about any of these plagues and how to protect yourself or recover from any of them, please contact a professional at Landau Consulting.  We will not forward you junk mail, spam, hoaxes, and scams.  We will help you manage your updates or even recommend avoiding some updates.  We will never force you to look at a popup on our site or coerce you into subscribing to our newsletter. We will offer help as needed and ongoing support if requested.  We will never, ever, in a million years, give or sell or trade your private information to anyone for any reason (unless ordered by the courts; our lawyers made us include that).