Seven types of emails that you can delete without guilt

  1. Oprah: You don’t care about anything recommended by Oprah.  If your friend sends you something recommended by Oprah, DELETE it.
  2. Nigeria: Unless you have family or business connections in Nigeria, you can just DELETE any message with the word “Nigeria” in it.
  3. Viagra and other Pharmaceuticals: DELETE.
  4. Friend in traveling distress: They will call, not email. DELETE.
  5. Russian women looking for your companionship: DELETE.
  6. Your bank: Banks and other financial institutions have their own policy about how they will communicate with you via email. Usually the content of your bank’s email will contain some identifiable information about you and your account such as your name and perhaps part of your account number.  Rarely will it be something generic such as “Dear Customer please click here about important information about your account.”  You might even see your bank’s logo and a reference to its website within the email.  If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of an email from your bank, you can contact the bank via phone and ask them if they sent it to you. Following a link in a fraudulent email could land you on a website that appears like your bank’s website. You could be tricked into giving up your bank account information by attempting to log in from a fraudulent site.  If in doubt, DELETE.
  7. Attachments: Your bank or UPS or DHL will not send you anything with .zip attachment. DELETE.  And you should be very cautious clicking on any .html or .htm attachment.  In fact, you can best protect yourself if you contact the sender and ask them if they sent you an email with an attachment (if you are not expecting it).