Servers, desktop, and laptops are at the core of most businesses.  Technology failures and disasters such as fire, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, and terrorism can destroy in an instant the data and systems upon which your business depends.

If the unthinkable happens and your office is destroyed and everything is lost, what can you do?

If your disaster recovery (DR)/business continuity (BC) plan was big on hope and not so big on detailed plans, you have limited options. You can look for old copies of important files or try to reconstruct the essential files from memory.  Hope is not a business plan.

Make a plan that includes different scenarios.  For example, you could lose your server due to a malfunctioning fire sprinkler.  Can your business withstand that loss?  If you have good backups, you can survive the loss, but you might lose a few days getting everything back in order.  If your business does not use a server, you still should have a plan in place to recover at the very least, essential desktop and laptop computers.

What about losing the entire office?  All the servers, desktops, and laptops that keep the business going?  The difference between having a good disaster recovery plan and not having one is that a good DR plan will make the loss of all the computers an inconvenience but not a business-killing event.  A good DR plan will kick into gear as soon as the disaster has passed.  It might be days, weeks, or even months before the business is back to normal, but it will recover.  Without a solid plan, then all you have is hope to recover.

If you had engaged Landau Consulting to manage your IT systems, all you would need to do is call us and we would begin the process of restoring your technology infrastructure.  You might need new hardware.  You might need a new location.  You might need a temporary location to use until your office is rebuilt.  We can guide you through backup and protection options including local and online backups and a move to the cloud.

The time to think about disaster recovery and business continuity is BEFORE disaster strikes, not after.  Call Landau Consulting and request a free consult to start your business on the road to preparedness.  We can’t rebuild your office and we can’t rebuild your business.   But we can rebuild your network and data.

Hope is for the future.  Careful planning is for right now.