About Us

Stephan Landau, M.S. is the president of Landau Consulting and is its principal consultant. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. He has accumulated decades of experience in software development and IT management in a variety of industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, supply chain management and logistics, consumer package goods, import/export, medical practices, law offices, real estate, municipal organizations, retail, energy management, and others.

Mr. Landau founded Landau Consulting with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Small businesses have many of the same IT needs as their larger corporate counterparts differing only in scale and sometimes complexity.

Most small and medium-sized businesses require email, Internet, perhaps a website, and data management. There are the demands of server and workstation support and maintenance. Most small business operators don’t have the time and skills to handle their company IT needs. Yet these same people attempt to perform these tasks at the expense of their businesses. If you are busy struggling with your computers, then you are not busy attending to the core of your business.

Let Landau Consulting help you. Landau Consulting works with businesses ranging from a single employee to thousands. The typical client has under forty employees and three or fewer locations.