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Your business needs online exposure to survive and thrive in the modern business ecosystem. We help you get that with our Jersey City SEO service.

An online presence and a search engine optimized website are critical to your business’s prosperity.

At Landau Consulting, we optimize your business website so it can appear in the search results when your prospects search for something you offer. In this way, we work to drive valuable traffic to your website and help your business grow.

A functional website is one of the first steps of SEO. Being your one-stop SEO shop, we help with that as well.

Our web development experts build a new or revamp an old and non-functional website so that you can capitalize on your website’s complete sales and marketing potential.

We work to help you generate substantial, measurable results for your business. Our teams understand your business objectives. And we develop strategies that align with your online goals and deliver to get you closer to them.

Your business interest comes first when you work with us. Therefore, if we believe a Pay-per-click or PPC campaign may be better for your goals, we recommend and deploy that, enabling you to invest in what’s more promising.

You invest in your company’s future with SEO. We help you make it profitable by deploying an analysis-driven optimization process that addresses your unique website concerns, eliminates them, and helps unlock organic online growth.

Successful SEO has Many Requirements. Our Jersey City SEO Services Help You with Them All. 

Our SEO process builds on a spectrum of services that account for everything search engines look for when ranking a website.

Our Jersey City SEO services are shaped to help you with:


Search Engine Optimization

Your website has to get found to serve its purpose. 

Our primary SEO expert service aims to do that by optimizing three core elements of your online presence.

Our web development expertise helps us optimize the technical backend of your website, ensuring your website is search engine-friendly.

Our on-page optimization experts optimize your website’s content and other front-end elements to increase its relevance with valuable searches and enhance user experience.

Our off-page SEO team works to align the factors outside of your website so they contribute to your business’s reputation so you can win both search engine and user trust, and gain truly valuable online visibility.

This three-pronged SEO approach helps your website gain exposure to your business’s prospects and see valuable traffic.

Keyword Analysis

A solid keyword analysis is one of the contributing factors to a successful SEO campaign.

We make sure your keyword portfolio is built to contribute positively to your SEO by deploying a proven combination of modern tools and a unique keyword selection approach.

Our well-developed keyword analysis methodology helps us find and shortlist keywords with valuable traffic-driving potential. But we don’t stop there. We also incorporate these keywords strategically across your website so they can contribute to your website’s relevance without damaging its user experience.

Our teams continue to track the performance of each keyword on your website and adjust your strategy accordingly. We also continue to look for new targeting opportunities. This helps keep your keyword strategy fresh and your SEO campaign on its upward trajectory.


Link Building

We get votes of confidence for your website, so Google knows it’s rank-worthy. How? By handcrafting links for your website.

Our Link building service delivers manual link acquisition campaigns. These campaigns involve tailored outreach, quality content creation, publication, and performance monitoring strategies that come together to build your online reputation.

Our team of link-building experts has enough resources that help them gain backlinks from high authority websites across various industries.

That means, regardless of the industry you are in, we can help you enjoy high online authority and the relevant traffic and SEO progress that comes with it by getting you backlinks from well-reputed and niche-relevant websites.

Link Detox

We don’t just build your backlink profile and leave you with it. Our services also include link detox, through which we monitor your backlinks and remove any URLs that link back to low-authority, ill-reputed, and toxic websites.

This kind of website detox is critical for SEO progress since search engines can penalize your website for the number of toxic links it may have.

Therefore, our link detox services help you maintain a healthy and optimal web presence with which you may continue your upward progress and unlock organic growth.


Content Creation

Content plays a critical role in your SEO campaign. And that’s why content creation is a part of our SEO service.

Our team of SEO content writers creates research-driven, authentic, and engaging content for your website. This content then works to build that conversion-critical communication between your business and the prospects.

Just like all our services, our content creation process also aligns with your goals. And so, we don’t just send in a bunch of sentences put together. We equip your website with strategically written words that work to deliver results according to your business objectives and contribute to your SEO efforts.

Having said that, we can help you with many types of website content, from blogs to web copies to FAQs and more. So, you get all your SEO content creation services done from one place.

Lead Generation

Your SEO traffic is more valuable to your business if you can get these website visitors interested in your offerings.

We help develop this interest with our lead generation services. And that’s how we work to make sure you get the most value from your SEO investments.

We don’t promise to deliver a good quantity of leads. Our lead generation experts bring quality as well as volume and work to fill your sales funnel with prospects that have meaningful converting potential.

Our experienced lead generation team has brought in high-quality leads for various businesses. So we know what kind of channels promise good lead-gen results in your industry.

Additionally, our research-driven lead-gen approach also helps us learn more about your audience. In this way, we can implement the suitable lead magnets that appeal the most to your prospects, so your lead generation tools can be more efficient and promise better returns.


Our Jersey City SEO Service Offers Online Prosperity. But Why Should You Trust Us?

There are many SEO services out there. Then why would you want to work with us?

While we can’t answer that question for you, here are a few reasons why our clients, who are business owners just like you, continue to trust us with their websites:

Performance-based Campaigns

We don’t just “do” SEO. We set measurable goals for your campaigns and track your performance against them.

Our teams share these performance reports with you regularly, so you know how your SEO investments are generating results for your business.


Truly Client-focused

Our client-focused approach shines clearly through all that we do for your business.

Every strategy we build and the decisions we make are centered around your business benefit.

At Landau Consulting, we build partnerships. And so, we prioritize your growth and exhaust our resources to pursue your success and work to foster a mutually-beneficial business relationship.

Glass-wall Approach

Glass-wall approach is a term we use at Landau Consulting that defines our methodology.

This term depicts total transparency when you can see clearly what we are doing or planning to do with your website.

We deliver on this approach with an audit-driven SEO process that outlines what your website needs. Our teams discuss the course of your SEO beforehand and continue sharing updates and new requirements regularly. In this way, you know what’s part of the SEO campaign you are investing in and have complete control over it.


Latest Best Practices

We make sure your SEO strategies build on the latest optimization techniques so they can deliver the required results.

Our teams closely follow search engine updates and react quickly to changes in the search algorithm. We adjust your SEO strategy as soon as we can after a minor or major search engine algorithm update, so your website can continue to benefit from our SEO efforts.

More than a Decade of Experience

The first thing most businesses look for when hiring SEOs is experience. And we have a lot of that. Our testimonials and list of happy clients prove our expertise-oriented, result-driven service.

Our SEO teams have been optimizing business websites for around 15 years. We have worked with businesses from various industries and understand well the nuances each offers when it comes to SEO.

Our experience has empowered us with insights needed to help you compete in the modern search engine space.

Choosing an SEO partner is an important business decision, so your hesitation is 100% valid. Our lines are open for you to reach out to us with your questions.

Is SEO worth your money? What are its pros and cons? Call us or write an email, whatever you prefer. Just let us know your concerns and allow us to help you.

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