SEO Services in Paterson, NJ

Connecting your business with valuable customers online.

We empower you to leverage search engine potential and gain profitable online visibility for your business.

The times have changed. You need to reinvent your customer acquisition approach and be online to maintain your business’s growth trajectory.

We help with both.

Our web development services can build a fully-functional web presence for you. And our SEO experts work to bring valuable exposure to it, so your business can compete in the modern business environment.

We help our clients with SEO in Paterson and other localities in New Jersey and beyond.

Our SEO expertise is diverse. Having optimized small, medium, and large businesses’ websites from various industries, we know what strategies are best according to your business’s scale and niche.

Working with us, you get an SEO campaign that aligns perfectly with your business’s unique SEO requirements and delivers results that help you achieve your online marketing milestones.

Our SEO experts work with you to understand your doubts and explain the pros and cons of SEO with complete honesty, so you know full well what to expect.

SEO takes time, and we make sure you know that beforehand. And if you are looking for a quicker option, we help you with Pay-per-click campaigns that can get your website ranking at the top sooner, much sooner. And with the additional traffic they might bring, these campaigns may also support your SEO efforts down the line.

We Offer Comprehensive SEO in Paterson

SEO can be an excellent business investment. But it delivers according to expectations with a well-rounded approach.

We offer all the optimization efforts needed for a comprehensive SEO action plan so you get every service you need through a single point of contact.

Our SEO services include:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Website and SEO are two parts of one equation that result in business growth. If one is missing or incomplete, the other can’t do much for your business.

As our web development experts maintain the functionality of your website, our SEO experts optimize it.

This makes sure that your website satisfies search engine ranking factors and is friendly to both human users and search engines.

We help your website get found by a valuable audience by implementing the latest search engine best practices.

In this way, we work to equip your website with all the elements needed to start your upward journey in the search engine space and maintain sustained growth.

What we deliver is a performance-based SEO campaign. We track our SEO efforts and generate reports that help you understand how your SEO investments are contributing to your business.

Keyword Analysis

Your SEO success is dependent on keyword analysis. Therefore, we work to set your SEO campaign up for success, right from the start, with a thorough keyword analysis.

Our teams use a proven combination of some of the best keyword research tools and an experience and insight-driven selection strategy to develop a promising keyword portfolio.

We select keywords after carefully analyzing critical keyword data and the search intent behind each keyword. We choose keywords that bring valuable and profitable website visitors instead of just dry web traffic.

We also keep an eye on new targeting opportunities so your business might be able to capitalize on industry trends. Our teams continue to add new, powerful keywords and track the performance of older ones so you know how much value our keyword efforts are driving for your business.

Keyword Analysis
Link Building

Link Building

Websites with higher authority tend to rank higher and faster in the search engine space.

We are committed to bringing online visibility by helping your website acquire a higher position in search engine results.

Therefore, we work to build your online authority so search engines can see your website as a credible resource and potentially rank it higher.

Our link-building experts handcraft links instead of relying on bots. We leverage our connections and resources to find backlinking opportunities and capitalize on them as best as possible.

We don’t just place links on any websites we find.  Our experts carefully select backlinking sources in your industry that can contribute to your online authority and drive relevant traffic to your website. So, you can enjoy more exposure with your target audience and increased online reputation; two birds, one stone.

Link Detox

High authority backlinks build your reputation and low authority ones threaten to destroy it.

We work to ensure your website remains protected from the dangers of low-quality or toxic backlinks by diligently tracking and removing such links through our link detox services.

This process can be tedious, but we don’t let you feel a thing. Our experts work behind the scenes and remove any toxic links that may have crept into your backlink profile.

In this way, we not only build your website’s authority but help maintain it, ensuring you can stay on top of your website’s health and continue to pull value out of it.

Link Detox
Content Creation

Content Creation

Your content enables meaningful online communication and, if done well, can contribute immensely to both your business and SEO.

Our team of content writers creates engaging content for your website that complements your SEO efforts, helps attract qualified leads, and channels them down your sales funnel.

We shape your content according to your goals.

If you want to generate leads, we create lead-magnet content. To establish your online authority, we create informative articles and blogs. And if you want to use your website explicitly for sales, we create sales-oriented website copy that pushes readers towards conversion.

Our teams take care of the entire process, from creating the content to optimizing it and publishing it on your website.

All you get is the value that is expected from our research-driven, tailored content.

Lead Generation

We work to connect your business with valuable online customers and we bring this value partly through our lead generation services.

Our lead generation experts adopt a research-driven approach and understand your audience, industry, and competitors. We choose the lead generation channels where your audience can be found. And our teams deploy lead magnets that are known to work well in your industry and work to fill your sales funnel with high-conversion-potential leads.

This experience-driven and research-backed targeted approach sets your lead generation strategy up for success.

We don’t claim success based on the number of leads. Instead, we deliver value by prioritizing the quality and volume of leads, so your business can get significant leads that can contribute to your bottom line.

Lead Generation

Why Should Your Trust Landau Consulting with SEO in Paterson?

SEO can be well worth the investment. But only if you work with the right SEO partner.

These are just some of the reasons businesses like yours continue to trust us for SEO in Paterson:

Regular Reporting

We don’t confuse you with jargon-heavy reports overflowing with useless data.

Our teams generate regular reports that tell you about your SEO progress with meaningful and relevant metrics and clear words.

Regular Reports
Well-optimized Client-to-Employee Ratio

True Expertise

We have ranked our own website in an industry as competitive as SEO. So we can surely help you as well.

But ours is not the only website we have ranked.

We have helped many businesses find online visibility over the 15 years that we have been in this industry.

SEO is among our core services, and our experience has given us critical insights and expertise in it. You can check out how happy our clients have been with us in our testimonials section.

Complete Transparency

Certain SEOs have been notorious for lack of transparency. And that’s why we ensure our SEO approach is as transparent as it can be.

We don’t sell unnecessary services nor do we sneak them into your invoice.

We start with a deep website audit and keep you in the loop every step of the way. This ensures that you stay in control of all the decisions as we work to steer your website through the challenges of online space towards increased online exposure.

Transparent Plans and Pricing
Latest Best Practices

Client-centered SEO Agency

Your business always remains a priority at Landau Consulting. We never overburden our experts with more files than they can manage and grow our workforce according to our workload. In this way, each client always gets our complete, focused attention.

Current Best Practices

Our SEO experts closely follow search engine algorithm updates and change your SEO strategies accordingly. In this way, we ensure that our optimization efforts are consistently in-line with the latest SEO best practices and lead to a website that aligns with the newest ranking factors.

You may have questions. About SEO or our service. Or whether or not you should invest in SEO.

Reach out to us, share your questions and concerns and then let us help.

SEO might be your best business investment. Don’t delay it.

Proven Experience

Let Landau Consulting
Help You.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized enterprise, our goal is to help you reach growth and further expand your company’s capabilities. Contact us to learn more about our SEO and Internet marketing services in NJ today.

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