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Most small and medium-sized businesses require email, Internet, perhaps a website, and data management. There are the demands of server and workstation support and maintenance. Most small business operators don’t have the time and skills to handle their company IT needs. Yet these same people attempt to perform these tasks at the expense of their businesses. If you are busy struggling with your computers, then you are not busy attending to the core of your business.

Let Landau Consulting help your business be the best it can be through intelligent use of technology, protection of data and systems, elegant web designs, effective online marketing, and streamlined data management.

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We can isolate and solve problems and provide solutions that work for you.

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Reduce time spent wrestling with technology and focus on your business.

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Save money with cost-effective solutions designed and built for your business.

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It is my pleasure to recommend Landau Consulting. Covenant Bank has worked very closely with Steph to design a financial statement tracking system that works seamlessly with our core system, producing reports that are on point to report stale financial statements monthly and request letters that are integrated with Outlook. Steph was very patient and listened to our wants and needs as the database was being built and has continued to help us improve our comfort level by creating check and balance reports that we can use to support our numbers should an auditor ask.

Dawn Hathaway

Senior Vice President/Loan Administration Officer, Covenant Bank

I have had the pleasure of knowing Steph Landau for many years. Initially, I was fortunate to have his and his team’s IT help and support in the corporate environment. Subsequently, since he has had his own company, as have I, I have relied on him to maintain my firm’s systems. Steph is extremely knowledgeable and, if there is something he doesn’t know, he quickly finds out. He is great at research and problem-solving. As well, and, to me, one of the most important value-adds of working with Steph is his customer service, reflected in his accessibility. When there are IT problems, it is critical to have someone you can reach out to and find. Steph is that person for me. For all of these reasons, I recommend Landau Consulting without hesitation.

Sarita Felder, MBA, CEC, PCC

Sarita Felder and Associates, LLC

As an Architect and business owner, it is without hesitation that I highly recommend Landau Consulting for Information Technology (IT) consulting needs.Mr. Landau has been there for us every step of the way over the past several years and is always ready, willing and able to assist with our IT needs in a timely fashion. Steph’s keen mind has benefitted us in many ways, saving a great deal of time, energy and expense. We are much more efficient than I imagined possible, and the comfort and security that comes from our relationship is outstanding.

Mark E. Yarrington

AIA, Architect, Yarrington Architectural Group

Steph and his team did an excellent job designing and implementing my website. Steph has good ideas, is efficient, has very high integrity and is great to work with.

Paul H. Folta, Ph.D.

President, Paul H. Folta & Associates, LLC

I recommend Landau Consulting for all your small business computer needs. Over the past four years, Steph has assisted us with everything from upgrading our entire hardware system to troubleshooting network connectivity issues. He gives us access to the same level of technical expertise as the large enterprises have!

Kathy Collier

Home Again Design

I have worked with Steph at Landau Consulting for close to five years. Without a doubt, Steph’s service ethic is one of the best I have experienced in my 25 years of owning my own business. Steph has proved, almost without exception, to be very client service based while displaying an attitude of being both helpful and proactive.

Matthew A. Yerkes

CPA/PFS, NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor,

We have used Landau Consulting for several years for regular service to our small professional engineering office IT system. In addition to a server and 6 workstations, we also host our own email and perform daily data backups. Steph has provided timely and responsive service whenever we have needed his assistance. Most recently, a conflict between old and new versions of antivirus software caused a loss in email communications and other disabling malfunctions. Steph worked tirelessly to diagnose the problem and effect repairs. Without his assistance, we would probably still be incommunicado. I can recommend his services without reservation.

Robert N. Roop

P.E., CBIE, Lockatong Engineering

It is my pleasure to recommend Landau Consulting without reservation. Steph has an almost uncanny ability to listen to our concerns, understand the nature of our business, interpret the needs of our small but rather complex operation, identify, isolate and solve problems and provide solutions that work for us. My associates join me in a wholehearted endorsement of Landau Consulting!

Pablo Chavez

American Showroom Concepts

If not for Landau Consulting, I really believe our business would have gone under as a result of hurricane Irene in 2011. In a span of seven days he had to move our entire IT operation not once but twice. In the middle of complete chaos he did a seamless transition as we bounced from our corporate headquarters to a hotel conference room to a second temporary office location. Steph has always been available to assist in all phases of our operation.

Gary Governale

President, Handle With Care Express

I have worked with Steph Landau for many years and have always found his expertise to be essential to running my office network. He is knowledgeable, approachable and quick to respond to problems or questions. I would recommend Landau Consulting without hesitation.

David Weedon, DDS

Bridgewater Dental Associates

Landau consulting has provided IT services to our company for several years, and I would personally recommend him to others. Steph is very professional, attentive to our needs, and thinks outside of the box in order for us to reach our business objectives. Above everything else, Stephan is very honest, straightforward and trustworthy. We can rely on him to meet our goals within the promised deadlines at a reasonable cost.

David Pfennig

COO and Vice President, Clinical Operations at META Solutions, Inc.

Landau Consulting came to our rescue initially to network our growing company. Since then he has added a server, new workstations and networked printers. Steph handled a special project for us that involved sending large files to hospitals. Having Landau Consulting on call for all of our tech support has saved us time and money.

Linda Thomas

President Ambulance Billing Co., LLC

Steph has been a valuable consultant to my company and to several of our clients. He is professional, to-the-point, and highly experienced in IT. I recommend him highly.

Kim Nitahara

Principal Consultant at META Solutions, Inc.

When I needed help with an IT project I called Landau Consulting to run the project. First off, Steph really listened to understand my needs. He kept me updated on the progress and was flexible as it progressed. I would recommend Landau consulting for small or large IT projects for any small or medium-sized business.

James Nerger

Omega Recycling, LLC

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