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​Landau Consulting Web Services: The solution to all your website concerns, in one place.

Landau Consulting is a web development company in New Jersey, helping businesses of all sizes in New Jersey and beyond with web development and everything related to it.

We help you build a sustainable online presence that continues to generate a return on your initial investments in the long run.

Your online reputation and success rely on how well your website performs. We value your business. So, we have designed our web services portfolio to include all the services you need for an accessible, reliable, functional, and profitable website.
Our teams cover everything, from designing your website to building, testing, hosting, and maintaining it.

We encourage you to share your ideas with us and then we build a website that brings you closer to your business goals.

Your ideas and our expertise come together and manifest into a website that attracts traffic, increases conversions, and drives sales; a virtual presence that builds your brand and helps it stand out; an online asset, which contributes to your growth.
The ownership of the website we create belongs to you. It is your asset and 100% yours to keep, whether you stay with us for maintenance and hosting or choose to leave.

Do you want us to start building your online presence? Call us now!

We are your NJ small business web design company and our web services include:

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Our creative team will get to know your business and craft a web design that showcases your goods, services, and information. Successful web design and development demand creative skills, technical expertise, and an understanding of online security. We have it all waiting for your new or remodeled website that attracts visitors and converts them into leads.

Our senior web developers code a responsive, functional, and optimized website to not only impress but actually help the visitors.

We don’t just build websites. We build brands.

Web design is an art, and our designers are true artisans. We make your website speak to your existing and potential customers with strategic placement of web design elements. We ensure that your branding stays consistent across all customer touchpoints and your website builds your business’s positive public perception.

Ongoing Maintenance and Security Updates

Ongoing Maintenance and Security Updates

Landau Consulting is your web development company in New Jersey that exists to make your website a profitable asset. We understand websites can present problems over time. Therefore, we also provide regular backups and software updates to keep your site secure and optimized.

Some clients want total control of their website to change the content themselves. Others want to focus on their business and provide updates for us to publish on the website. Whether you prefer making the changes yourself or you would like us to take control, you will find us by your side, supporting you.

Our experts stay up to date with the latest web development and design trends. And when working with us, your website gets timely updates or advice on what can be changed to make sure your online business matches the pace of digital evolution.



Your website is as good as your hosting service.

Do you need a reliable and secure place to host your website? Great! We have lots of space on our shared servers. If you need more space or download capacity, we have virtual private hosting (VPS) available as well to ensure that your website can serve increased traffic.

We leave no stone unturned in crafting your profitable online presence and offer Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to ensure that browsers show your website as “secure” using the HTTPS protocol instead of the insecure HTTP protocol. Google Chrome now shows all websites without an SSL certificate as insecure. We help you win your customers’ trust with a secure site.

Most of our web development clients trust us with hosting their website as well. And it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want a reliable, secure, and fast hosting provider who they can trust with their most valuable asset – their website?

Logo Design

Logo Design

Need a logo? Great! Being a full-service website design company in NJ, we offer premium logo designing services.

We help your business turn into a recognizable brand through insightful design choices. And the logo is the first design element that develops your brand identity.

We love to create logos for new businesses or businesses searching for a new look. Our graphic designers work with you to grasp your vision and business values and condense them into your new branded logo.

Our graphic designers are creative masterminds who condense their artistic ideas into creating timeless and ingenious logos for your brand.

The logos we design are versatile. You can use them on your website and across various other channels.

Our Process

Our web design and development process involves:

Research and understanding

As soon as you reach out to us, we start researching your business, its target audience, and the competitors. We understand your business goals to design an intuitive user experience and build a website that brings you closer to reaching new milestones.

Planning and wireframing

Our web design teams create a wireframe and a site map that includes the details about all web pages, website navigation, and content.

Our teams share this wireframe with you and proceed once you give us the green light.


If you don’t have a logo, we begin by designing a logo for your website. Then, we create a static web design prototype that shows where each element on the website would be.

Web development

Once you approve the design prototype, we code the website to create a fully functional and responsive website.
We program all the features and elements you want in this step and fill the website with content and other interactive widgets you request.

Testing and Q/A

We don’t just build a website and leave you to deal with it. A strict quality assurance process follows our web development process.


Finally, we test the website one more time before creating your hosting account and taking your website live to kickstart your online journey.


What Makes Landau Consulting the Best Web Development Company in New Jersey?

We are thriving in a market as competitive as web design and development. The reason? Our commitment to delivering quality and valuing your satisfaction. But that’s not all. There’s more:

We align with your business
We align with your business

A good web developer understands your business personality and codes it into your website.

We take time to grasp your business values and then translate them into the website we build to serve as your business’s online representative.

Up-to-date with modern standards

Our web design teams in NJ stay abreast with the latest web development standards and design trends. We work to ensure that all our clients’ websites thrive with the latest technologies and design elements and can compete neck-to-neck with their peers.

Up-to-date with modern standards
Versatile services
Versatile services

Our services are comprehensive and versatile. You don’t have to jump from individual to individual or agency to agency when building a functional and optimized website. We do everything through one contract.

Our web developers code a fully responsive, mobile-optimized website to cater to increasing mobile traffic. Our search engine optimization experts ensure that the technical aspects of your website are in line with the latest website SEO practices.

Our experts help you have a responsive, optimized, and functional website with no hassle.

Client-focused approach

We value our clients. Therefore, your satisfaction sits at the heart of all our efforts.

We aim to help you in every way we can. We know that the first 12-months can be highly volatile for website changes. Therefore, website maintenance and updates for the first 12-months are a part of our web development package.

Client-focused approach
We are your web dev advisors
We are your web dev advisors

We don’t just offer web development services in NJ. Our experience empowers us to go the extra mile and work with you as your trusted advisor.

We give you expert advice about the steps you should take to reach your online business goals. We work with you as your reliable partners and guide you towards making profitable decisions.

Customized web development

We don’t create cookie-cutter websites because you need an online presence that is as unique as your business.

Our experts build a one-of-a-kind website for your business by customizing each design element to fit your business branding and ensure that it aligns with your business personality.

Customized web development

Landau Consulting is your web design expert in NJ, where you can find all the services you need for a thriving online business.

Let’s start building your reliable, secure, and profitable website.

Let Landau Consulting
Help You.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized enterprise, our goal is to help you reach growth and further expand your company’s capabilities. Contact us to learn more about our SEO and Internet marketing services in NJ today.

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