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Supporting your tech with more than three decades of experience.

Landau Consulting offers small business computer support in NJ and other areas. We are your managed IT service providers, taking care of diverse technical problems that hinder your business’s growth.

Our teams offer the support you need to ensure that your business technology supports your entrepreneurial decisions and brings you closer to your business goals.

Tailored IT solutions paired with our unmatched accessibility make us the most reliable choice for your business.

Working in the IT industry since 2004, we have helped numerous businesses boost their growth, secure their networks, and enhance productivity with the latest and most innovative hardware and software solutions.

Being a small business ourselves, we understand the problems you face daily and bring enterprise-level solutions to your small business.

Whether you have a single laptop or multiple servers and workstations, whether your business operates from a single location or multiple, or you have a mobile workforce, we are the team you can rely on for IT consulting in NJ and beyond.

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Desktop Management

Our desktop management services are designed to help you through the entire process of hardware procurement, from selection to purchase, installation, configuration, and maintenance.

Our experts help you ensure that all the computers within your organization are secure and optimized with the latest technologies. We also help with securely decommissioning and recycling your equipment.

In short, our IT consulting experts in NJ support the entire lifecycle of your IT assets and ensure that your business thrives with upgraded hardware and the latest software.

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Your business workflow is as smooth as your network connectivity. We endeavor to minimize your business downtime by ensuring that your networks are fast, secure, and running at optimum levels.

We design enterprise-level network solutions that satisfy your business’s demands. Our experts configure and maintain your data networks, monitoring them and tackling minor problems behind the scenes. We ensure that your wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks hum along, fast and secure.


Cloud Solutions

Is the cloud right for you? We can help you decide.

Our experts will help you measure the pros of cloud migration against the cons and help you make an informed business decision.

If you decide to move to the cloud, you will find our team supporting your decision every step along the way.

We can help migrate your business to a fast, secure, and reliable cloud computing platform and help you thrive with scalable storage that you can access anywhere, anytime. ​


Help Desk

Wouldn’t it be great to have a reliable resource available to tackle technical questions or problems as they arise? Working with Landau Consulting, help is literally a phone call away. (We have email or text as well if that’s what you’d prefer.)

You know problems in your IT systems can pop up at any time. Our support team ensures that you have a reliable team to fall back on and avoid deadly consequences.

Our computer help desk in NJ is accessible for all our clients in and outside of NJ. We provide a single point of contact that you can connect with and get your issues resolved.



Are all of your critical documents and files backed up? We can assist you with online or onsite backups.

Protect that data! Our teams ensure that your workstations and servers are secure.

We also perform regular backup verification to ensure data integrity and give you peace of mind that your data is ready for immediate recovery when needed.



We protect your business’s tech architecture from the most sophisticated viruses and the latest cyber threats with state-of-the-art technology.

Landau Consulting offers industry-leading antivirus solutions. We monitor your antivirus programs daily and ensure that they are updated regularly.

Our teams build multi-layered security around your systems to ensure that your business avoids damage caused by hacking, malware, and cyberattacks.


Remote Access

Do you need remote access to your email and data? Storing your files on a safe cloud location, we help you access your systems from anywhere, through any authorized device.

We build customized and secure remote access solutions to address your business’s unique requirements, promote inter-organizational collaboration, boost workplace productivity and enhance employee mobility.


Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Nobody likes to contemplate disasters, natural or manmade, that can destroy their computers, records, data, and business.

It is much cheaper and more effective to think about these things and plan for them before disaster strikes.

Our teams strive to protect your business from suffering the consequences of hurricanes, floods, and fires along the IT vertical by implementing a prudent data backup and security plan.

Our strategic disaster management and business continuity planning have helped many firms recover from disasters with immediate network reconstruction and relocation to safe locations.

Our teams perform regular backup verification to ensure that your data is complete, secure, uncorrupted, and available for immediate restoration when needed.


Manage IT Vendor Relationships

Does it seem like your computer and software vendors speak another language?

With our vendor relationship management services, you have someone who understands technical jargon on your side.

Our vendor relationship managers help you maneuver through the intricate maze that is dealing with software and hardware suppliers and get to the best deals.

Having been in the IT industry for over three decades, we know it inside and out. And we leverage our experience and insight to offer impartial expert advice when it comes to IT asset procurement and help you develop mutually beneficial relationships with vendors for long-term business benefits.

Our Process

Our IT management process involves the following :

Understanding your business

We seek to understand your business and grasp its requirements to deliver tailored IT solutions. This also involves listening to you and your employees to determine the particular pain points with your existing IT environment.

Auditing current IT architecture

We audit your existing IT architecture to identify gaps and areas of improvement.


We continue building your IT strategy that aligns with your business requirements and addresses the shortcomings in your existing systems.

Why is Landau Consulting Your Best Option for IT Consulting in NJ and Beyond?

Small businesses struggle with slow, unresponsive MSPs (managed service providers).
We build healthy relationships with our clients by offering them immediate and relentless support and honest advice in
this situation.

We have a client-focused approach

Once you sign a contract with us, your IT problems become our problems, and we deal with them accordingly.

With a client-focused attitude, we keep your business’s operability at the center of everything we do and ensure that every action we take serves to enhance your experience with us.

There are no hidden fees

We are transparent with our fees and discuss them upfront, so you know exactly what to expect when the invoices arrive.

We provide customized support

We build solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether you only need backup and network support or you want the full spectrum of IT services, we will build IT solutions that meet your demands.

We have diverse industrial experience

Every industry has different IT requirements. We have served various industries, from pharmaceutical to medical billing, architecture to construction, manufacturing to engineering, retail, and more. So, we understand your industry-specific IT requirements and deliver accordingly.

Our technological expertise is unmatched

Landau Consulting started in 2004 as an IT consulting firm in NJ. Since then, we have helped numerous businesses boost their growth through the latest technologies and an optimized IT architecture.

We do not only bring our commitment and client-focused approach to the table. We support your business with our years’ worth of technical expertise.

Focus on your business. Let our experts manage the complexities of business IT!

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