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Why is Landau Consulting
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Landau Consulting is the go-to consulting firm for all your SEO concerns. We provide premium consulting in internet marketing and SEO services to help your business achieve maximum organic growth.

Attracting customers with just a couple of print ads and a catchy sales pitch is now a thing of the past. Our team is equipped with tools, insights, and ideas to help your website get ahead in the modern digital business environment.

Today, most customers use the internet to learn more about the products and services they need, thus diminishing the scope of traditional advertising.

Online Marketing has rocketed to become the premier form of marketing and you need to follow suit. Even brick-and-mortar businesses with no online sales are using online marketing to grow their local customer base. We can help you step into the virtual world and build a strong presence with our SEO and online marketing services.

Landau Consulting is a New Jersey SEO company (although our SEO clients are from all over). We provide comprehensive search engine optimization and digital marketing services. Our clients include small, medium, and big businesses looking for a reliable and experienced SEO partner.

We cater to your business’s needs and build customized strategies according to its requirements and scale. We deploy our expertise and strive to strengthen your business’s online presence and boost its growth.

An effective SEO online marketing strategy stems from experience and insight.
We have the insights for implementing proven SEO online marketing techniques and the experience of executing successful SEO campaigns.

We build your successful online business with:

Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s say you have a fantastic website. Can your target audience find it? No? Then what’s the purpose of investing in a great website?
The SEO experts at Landau Consulting help your prospects find your business website with meticulously created SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. We implement the latest and proven best practices to promote your products and services worldwide.

We are your full-service SEO agency. Our dedicated experts take care of all aspects of your website optimization, from on-page optimization to technical SEO and more, to ensure that your website is both user and search engine-friendly and contributes to your bottom line.

Logo Design

Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis is the backbone of your SEO campaign. That’s why our SEO strategies stem from a thorough keyword analysis, which is efficiently followed by data-backed keyword selection and strategic implementation.
We identify the most potent keywords in your industry and use them while performing website optimization to attract qualified traffic to your website.
Whether in organic search or pay-per-click campaigns, our analysis is a reliable basis for creating a profitable marketing strategy for your business. But it doesn’t stop there.

Our keyword analysis also includes keyword monitoring through which we determine well-performing keywords and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Ongoing Maintenance and Security Updates

Link Detox

An accumulation of low-quality backlinks can drag your website down in the search results. And if matters get worse, these toxic links can get you wiped off of the search engine’s index.

We value your online presence.

Our off-page remove toxic links that your website may acquire over time and help you prevent penalties and improve your site score.

The higher the site score, the higher are your search engine rankings. If your website has low scores, courtesy of search engine penalties, our internet marketing experts in NJ will remove toxic links from your website and uplift your site scores.


Link Building

Our include link building through which our outreach professionals help your website acquire authoritative backlinks that build your reputation in the search engine space.

Link building requires careful handcrafting of links from other websites to your site. Our link-building professionals implement natural link-building strategies so links can reach long-term viability and prevent search engine penalties in the future.

We build partnerships. And as a rule of partnership, we continuously monitor your backlink profile to spot any broken links and promptly remove them, so nothing is holding it back from ranking ahead of its competitors.

Ongoing Maintenance and Security Updates

Content Creation

Our team of online marketing professionals in NJ comprises creative individuals dedicated to crafting original blog posts, infographics, and other types of content for your website. The contents created by our writers and graphics experts will give information to the readers and be your digital asset that will increase exposure to your website.

Being SEO experts, we know the type of content search engines love and we create just that. Our content creation process is backed by rigorous research. So, it resonates with your target audience, builds authority, and stays consistent with your business brand.


Lead Generation

We know your business thrives with qualified leads. So, we help you acquire them.

From social media promotions to landing page optimizations, we can help you generate qualified leads by using proven lead gen strategies like making your site more marketable for potential clients, optimizing your landing pages, using pop-ups and opt-ins, etc.

Our SEO efforts combined with marketing insights and a strong understanding of your target audience help us boost your lead generation.

We use effective lead magnets, along with a careful selection of website widgets to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads you can close the deal with.

Why is Landau Consulting Your Best Choice for SEO and Internet Marketing Services?

There are many people offering SEO services out there. We want to make your selection process easier.
Here are a few reasons that compel our clients to choose us over our competitors:

Clear and crisp reporting

When working with us, you are always in the loop. We provide regular reporting to show you the return on your SEO investments. Depending on your SEO package, we may also have a weekly strategy/status call to give you a brief on what’s going on behind the scenes and what we plan on doing.

Client-focused approach

We value your ideas and suggestions and shape our strategies according to your requirements.

Our client-to-employee ratio is low. Your account is not just another file on an over-piled desk. So, working with us, you get focused attention and total dedication.


Being a client-first online marketing company in NJ, we don’t believe in hiding critical details from you.

That’s why we have created a process that starts with research and audit. So, there is total transparency, and you know about every action we deem necessary upfront.

There are no unwanted surprises when working with Landau Consulting.

Proactive approach

No one can stay ahead of search engines algorithm updates. But we strive to keep pace with them.

With our proactive approach, we stay updated with changes in the search algorithm and work to ensure that your website stays on track, even if it is struck by a major update.

Proven Experience in SEO
Proven experience

We have over a decade of experience doing SEO. We have grown with the search engines and evolved with digital technologies and know-how to tackle challenges that new updates bring.

We have built our own online presence and have maintained it. Our website is optimized for search engines, and it ranks. If that’s not enough to convince you of our experience, that’s okay.

We have years of SEO experience, and our client websites and their business success vouch for our expertise.

We don’t like to boast, but with our insightful strategies and long-standing experience, we have ranked our client’s website on the most coveted Google’s first results page, for all their keywords.

You can contact us with your doubts and concerns.
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We are the ones you can trust. And our teams are only one call away from helping you. We will even help you if you are not in New Jersey!
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