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Our Newark SEO services help you leverage your website’s true sales and marketing potential.

We optimize your website so it is better equipped to rank higher and see valuable web traffic with tailored SEO strategies and data-driven insights.

One of the critical elements of healthy SEO is a functional website. Our web development experts ensure that your website is equipped with all the tools it needs to complement your SEO efforts.

With SEO, you invest in your company’s future. Therefore, you cannot settle on anything less than the best.

We steer your business clear of legacy, one-size-fits-all approaches. Our experts build customized SEO strategies. These tactics address your concerns and deliver according to your business’s individual goals.

Our unique methodology generates slow and steady but measurable progress. This way, you can know your SEO is on the right track, every step of the way.

SEO is just one part of our comprehensive search engine marketing services. We can also help you with Pay-per-click or PPC campaigns.

These campaigns can put you on top of the search results sooner and may also complement your SEO end goal.

And if you cannot decide between SEO, PPC, or other TLAs of the digital marketing world, we can help with that too!

Our Newark SEO Services Are Overarching, Covering All Aspects of Your Website Optimization.

Your website has various elements and all of them need focused attention and optimization to boost your SEO.

With a diverse team of experts, we address your website’s concerns that might be hindering its SEO progress and unlock your complete organic growth.

Our Newark SEO services include:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Your website and SEO investments work together to generate substantial online growth.

We adjust your website with a solid SEO strategy that addresses its critical issues and optimizes its key elements. In this way, we ensure that your website satisfies all the search engine ranking factors and enjoys a better chance of winning a more prominent search engine rank.

But that’s not it.

We don’t just optimize your website and leave you with it. When you trust Landau Consulting with your SEO, you get a team of experts who handle the day-to-day monitoring of your website SEO as well.

In this way, your website gets prompt updates and well-maintained optimality so it can stay on top of its SEO game.

Keyword Analysis

Your SEO success relies on keyword analysis. Therefore, we start our optimization process with it.

Our experts deploy the latest tools at our disposal for the research phase of the process. Then, leveraging our SEO experience and accurate data, we analyze each keyword we have found and select the ones with the highest sales and/or traffic-driving potential.

The keyword data we find during this process is used for on-page optimization and more.

We let this data guide our SEO strategies. In this way, we make your website more intuitive to your user’s pain points and deliver precisely what your users are searching for at any given time.

We continue to look for new targeting opportunities, keeping your keyword portfolio fresh with the most potent keywords.

Our experts also track the data of existing keywords to keep a pulse on their contribution to your SEO progress. This also helps us identify areas of improvement and allows us to keep optimizing your strategies for the better.

As a result, you get a profitable keyword portfolio that brings prolonged viability for your website and SEO investments overall.


Link Detox

Your website can attract toxic links from ill-reputed websites and lose its position in the search results.

We give your website an in-depth link detox regularly as a part of our web maintenance services. This helps the website get rid of its potentially destructive toxicity. Our backlinking experts meticulously track and remove all toxic links from your backlink portfolio, restoring or maintaining your website’s health and ensuring it can continue to thrive in the search engine space.

In this way, working with Landau Consulting, you get a reliable team of SEO professionals who work to maintain and build your website’s health and online reputation.

Link Building

We specialize in manual link building and help develop your website’s online authority. Once you have sufficient online authority, your website earns the search engine’s trust and is better positioned to rank higher.

Our link-building experts reach out to the most promising backlinking resources. We take care of everything that goes into gaining high-quality backlinks. And as a result, we help your website attract relevant web traffic and gain more exposure with backlinks from reputable websites.

We drive meaningful, sustainable SEO results by handcrafting backlinks and continually monitoring your backlink profile. And by doing so, we ensure you can get genuine, long-term value from your link-building investment.

Link Building

Content Creation

With search engines adopting a content-first approach, equipping your website with meaningful content has become a critical part of SEO.

Being your full-service SEO agency, we deliver expertise-driven content creation services, so you don’t have to waste your time jumping from one service to another as you look for reliable content writers for your website.

Our SEO content writing services build on an effective research-driven process and generate content that resonates with your audience and drives the right metrics for your business while also building your SEO score.

In this way, you get dual-purpose content that closes the communication gap between you and your audience and helps your website rank higher in search results.

Lead Generation

Research-backed strategies, meticulously chosen channels – that’s how we generate high-quality leads for you.

While our SEO efforts aim to drive web traffic, our lead generation experts focus on deriving genuine business value from this traffic so you can experience tangible growth online and offline.

At Landau Consulting, we don’t promise success based on vanity metrics. Our teams prioritize volume and quality of leads. We deliver accurate results by filling your sales funnel with warm leads who are actually meaningful to your business’ progress.

Our lead generation service builds on a researched understanding of your industry and audience. This helps us attract your users with leads magnets that we know will work and streamline the lead gen process to get genuine leads with relatively less hassle.

Lead Generation

Why Choose Our Newark SEO Services?

We are thriving in an industry as competitive as SEO and online marketing. And it is not because we are lucky.

It’s these value-driving features that help us retain our old clients and attract new ones:

Audit-driven Process

We understand your need to know exactly what will be done on your website. This is why we begin our SEO process with a complete website audit which uncovers areas of improvement and shapes our possible SEO strategy.

In this way, you know what will happen during your SEO process right from the start and will not find any surprise “services” or “strategies” on your invoice.

 Audit-driven Process

Clear Reporting

We keep you in the loop.

At Landau Consulting, we share regular SEO progress reports, written in clear, jargon-free language, that tell you how well your SEO investments are working for your business.

These reports help you track your SEO progress and stay in control of every tactic that becomes a part of your optimization strategy.

Low Client-to-Employee Ratio

We have kept our client-to-employee ratio low because we don’t just exist to do business. We work to build mutually-beneficial partnerships. We add new staff as our clients increase to offer undivided attention to the businesses we help, serving them in the best possible way.



You found us in the search results, right? That’s evidence of our SEO expertise.

We have been performing SEO for the last 15 years and have grown with the search engines.

Our experience of optimizing and ranking numerous websites has given us unique insights and a keen eye for what works and what results in a failed marketing campaign.

So, we only deploy strategies that we know are more likely to drive your desired results.

Up-to-date Best Practices

A promising SEO strategy builds on the latest best practices.

We keep our SEO toolkit fresh by closely tracking and responding to the changes in the search engine algorithms.

In this way, we keep your website aligned with the newest search engine ranking factors and deploy the most up-to-date SEO best practices.


Your Business Comes First

We prioritize your success at Landau Consulting. Your organic growth always remains at the center of everything that we do.

With a dedicated, client-focused approach, we suggest and do only what we believe will benefit your company and help it scale in the search engine and online space.

Your concerns about hiring an SEO partner are understandable.

We encourage you to share your doubts, questions, and concerns with us and promise that our teams will help you with integrity and honesty and to the best of their capability.

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