Data Management.

Let Landau Consulting help you manage your data with automation, reporting, and analysis within or outside of your organization as you need. We can automate the processes you use to manage your data. We can help you reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks and data errors.

Are you using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access to manage data? We can help! We have extensive experience with Excel and Access solutions.


Many businesses rely on Microsoft Excel to keep track of data and to do calculations, forecasting, and planning. Landau Consulting has extensive experience in automating these functions.  Not sure if you should use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets?  Check out our infographic explaining the major differences between Excel and Sheets.


Sometimes a spreadsheet is not the best way to manage this data. Landau Consulting can create a multi-user database using your Excel data to give the added functionality and security you need.

Automate Processes

Landau Consulting can automate and improve processes such as importing data from other systems, cleaning data, and increasing the integrity of final reports. We can build and email reports as needed to your colleagues, vendors, and/or clients.

Get the Right Solution

How do you know if you need Excel or Access? Some make the decision based on familiarity with Microsoft Excel. Excel is everywhere and most people have used it or at least seen it. That is not necessarily the best approach to deciding on a data tool. Landau Consulting can help you understand your data needs and produce an optimal solution for your business using the most appropriate technology.

Larger Databases

If your data needs are more complex we can provide larger databases and web-enabled databases to facilitate sharing data in a secure manner.

Data Entry

If you have a mountain of data that must be keyed into a system, we can help! Whether it is a one-time event or an ongoing data entry requirement, we have fast and accurate data entry operators available for your business.

Data Compilation

Maybe you have regular, ongoing needs for monitoring and processing and reporting of data.  We have years of experience in regular recording and reporting of data and provide reporting at any interval you require such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

Let Landau Consulting
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We help businesses ranging from a single employee to thousands use technology to grow their business and expand their capabilities.