Data Management

Empowering you with clean, accessible, and secure data for effective

Landau Consulting is your go-to firm for all things related to data! We help you gather, organize, and analyze critical business data with proven data management methodologies.

Whether you need simple data entry, want to organize, and clean your data, or feel that your data flows need automation, our data management experts can help.
We have seen small businesses struggle due to their inability to tap data’s potential and understand the need to stay competitive. Therefore, we develop data solutions that eliminate informational insulation within your organization, help you gain an edge over your business competitors, and increase your profit.

We are your Microsoft Excel expert in NJ and we can help digitize your documents, increasing office space and decreasing inefficiencies, regardless of where you are in the world!

Our clients also consider us the Microsoft Access expert for businesses in NJ and beyond. These professionals can help you create clean and accessible databases with multi-user access, making collaboration easier for people along your supply chain and ultimately improving your business’s bottom line.

Are you already using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access to manage your data? We can help organize, optimize, and manage your existing database with our extensive experience developing tailored Excel and Access solutions.

Let Landau Consulting help you manage your data with Microsoft Access automation, reporting, and analysis within or outside of your organization.

Our teams can help you with premium data management
services that include:

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Your business may rely on Microsoft Excel for tracking data, performing complex calculations, forecasting, and business planning.

Let our Microsoft Excel expert in NJ take care of managing your business’s Excel data, no matter where you are in the world!

Landau Consulting has extensive experience in automating all processes related to Microsoft Excel data management. We can help you perform an in-depth analysis of complex data and empower you with insightful decision-making by generating meaningful results.

Not sure if you should use MS Excel or Google Sheets? Check out our infographic explaining the significant difference between these two programs.

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Sometimes, a spreadsheet might not be the best way to manage your critical business data. If you need a more sophisticated data management solution, we can create a multi-user database using your existing Excel data to give added functionality and security you need.

Our Microsoft Access expert here in NJ can help maintain the integrity of your NJ-based or out-of-NJ business’s data.

Our Microsoft Access solutions enable you to thrive with enhanced workplace collaborations by creating a multi-user database, so all your data is quickly accessible by all authorized individuals.

Whether you have an Access database or need to build one from scratch, our Microsoft Access expert in NJ is only a call away from helping you out!

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Automate Processes

Want your business to benefit from an automated data collection, sorting, and analysis process? We can help!

We are your Microsoft Access automation experts.

Landau Consulting can automate and improve processes such as importing data from other systems, cleaning it, and increasing the integrity of final reports.
We can also develop an automated process that emails the necessary reports to your colleagues, vendors, clients, or major stakeholders.

Discrepancies in data can be detrimental to your business. By automating your data flows, we eliminate errors and empower you with reliable data you can refer to and make profitable business decisions.

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Get the Right Solution

Choosing between Excel and Access can be difficult. How would you know if you need Excel or Access?

Some people make the decision based on their familiarity with Excel. But it is not the best factor for you to consider while selecting a data management tool.

Our experts help you understand your data needs and enable you to decide on an optimal solution for your business data processing requirements. We know the strengths of each of the two programs and leverage these insights to help you choose a solution that makes your data management easier and more efficient.

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Larger Databases

Larger databases need sophisticated planning to keep organized. If your data needs are more complex, we can provide larger web-enabled databases and data solutions to facilitate secure and efficient file sharing.

Our strategies for managing large databases are dedicated to tackling their inherent complexity. We leverage our knowledge and experience to manage complex data and enable you to read through and understand large volumes of data and adjust your business processes accordingly.

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Data Entry

Have a mountain of data that needs to be keyed into a system? We can help!
Whether it is a one-time requirement or an ongoing data entry job, we have the right resources to get it done.

At Landau Consulting, we have a team of professional data entry experts who can convert your digitized or hand-written documents into a useful and accessible database. You can rely on them for fast and accurate data entry, whether it is feeding a product catalog into a computer or converting a stack of documents into computerized data.

With rigorous QA testing, we ensure that the data we enter is accurate and free from redundancies and inaccuracies and deliver your files in a format you prefer.

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Data Compilation

You may have regular, ongoing requirements for data monitoring, processing, and reporting. We have years of experience in regular recording and reporting of data. We adapt our services to your needs and deliver reports daily, weekly, monthly, or according to any other schedule you prefer.

We are a result-oriented firm. And so, our data compilation process focuses on the expected end use of data and involves data cleaning to ensure your data is free from any errors.

Our Process

Our Data Management process has been refined over the years. It ensures that we
deliver optimum data management solutions and follows these steps:

Understanding your requirements

The first step in our data management process is to learn about your existing data and figure out the problem that needs to be solved to develop a customized solution.

Analysis, analysis, analysis

Next, we analyze data to sort it out and gain insights from the information it holds before proceeding with the next steps.


Once we have figured out what needs to be done with your data, we pick out the right tools and staff to build and execute an optimum solution for you.

Why Should I Trust Landau Consulting with Data Management ?

You want the most reliable team to manage your data. Here are a few reasons why Landau Consulting might be the best choice:


You don’t want a bunch of inexperienced “newbies” handling your data. Landau Consulting has been helping small businesses with innovative and tailored data solutions for decades.

We have the knowledge, insight, and all the resources needed to manage your data effectively.

Customized approach

We believe a customized approach is the best approach because rarely is it the case that a one-size-fits-all solution will work for your unique needs. That’s why seeking to understand your current data and problems is the first step in our data management process, which empowers us to devise a personalized solution to your data-related problems.

customized approach
Versatile services
Reliable customer support

We are very accessible. You don’t have to wait for long to get through to one of our client support professionals. Just reach out to us, connect with one of our experts, and get your problems resolved and your questions answered!

Result oriented

We don’t just develop data management solutions. We streamline them to generate the results you need to empower your business, make it more efficient and increase profits.

Client-focused approach

Use data to boost business.

Let’s start building your data management solution today!

Let Landau Consulting
Help You.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized enterprise, our goal is to help you reach growth and further expand your company’s capabilities. Contact us to learn more about our SEO and Internet marketing services in NJ today.

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