Should my business go to The Cloud?

If you use a smartphone or Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox, congratulations! You are already in The Cloud! It’s more a question of, “How much of your digital world is in The Cloud with you?”

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What is Inbound Marketing?

While outbound marketing casts a wide net to any who might be interested, inbound marketing takes a different approach.   The idea with inbound marketing is that there are people and businesses out there interested in your goods and services and they are looking for you.

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What is Outbound Marketing?

A long time ago, people got their news from this paper-based medium called a “newspaper.”  This paper, full of news of the day’s or week’s events, provided the masses with information about happenings within their community, nation, or world.  Newspapers had two...

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Transforming Data into Useful Information

With the complexity of most industrial processes and vast amounts of data that can now be measured with modern analytics, it is difficult to predict a property using only one or two measured variables. Thus, we use a hybrid set of mathematical and statistical tools, like principal component analysis (PCA), to dissect all the data measured and find those pieces of relevant information that can be used to better characterize a system or process.

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The UNTHINKABLE Happened… Now What???

Servers, desktop, and laptops are at the core of most businesses. Technology failures and disasters such as fire, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, and terrorism can destroy in an instant the data and systems upon which your business depends.

If the unthinkable happens and your office is destroyed and everything is lost, what can you do?

If your disaster recovery (DR)/business continuity (BC) plan was big on hope and not so big on detailed plans, you have limited options. Hope is not a business plan…

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(Some) web developers are lazy

I am the first to condone a healthy level of laziness. If there is a task I need to do over and over, I will work very hard now to automate it so I can be lazy about it later.  But (some) web developers are a whole new kind of lazy, and it is not the good, productive...

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“Sure, my stuff is backed up.”

Backups 101 described some of the very basic concepts in ensuring the protection of your files and music and pictures (a.k.a. your “stuff”).  If your personal and business files lack this basic protection then you are risking the loss of these files through one...

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10 Plagues of Computers… as if there are only 10 🙂

In honor of Passover, Landau Consulting presents The 10 Plagues of the Internet Era (circa 2015) Email forwards:  If only forwarding email to all your friends was not so easy! Spam: Spam is the flotsam and jetsam of the internet that clogs our inboxes.  We don’t need...

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The seven habits of highly effective deleters

Seven types of emails that you can delete without guilt Oprah: You don’t care about anything recommended by Oprah.  If your friend sends you something recommended by Oprah, DELETE it. Nigeria: Unless you have family or business connections in Nigeria, you can just...

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Backups 101

Backing up your computers should be like voting in Chicago; early and often. Backing up computers is essential to protect against varying levels of loss. Data loss can be viewed as a range of events from the accidental deletion of a file to the loss of the entire...

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