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Helping your business reach more people online.


We optimize your business’s website to help it rank higher, gain more search visibility, and attract valuable web traffic.

Our SEO services portfolio includes all the help you need to boost your business’s online growth. From content creation to keyword analysis, we take care of everything for you.

Our team of dedicated experts devises insight-driven strategies using tried and true SEO techniques to help you leverage the true potential of SEO and get ahead in your industry.

Website and SEO work together to boost online growth. At Landau Consulting, we help with both.

Our web development services establish your online presence with a fully functional website. And our SEO services take care of optimizing every aspect of this website so it can drive desired results and contribute to your bottom line.

Our teams help you select and implement the right digital marketing strategy for your business, be it SEO or PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

We work with you as your trusted partners, not just helping you with online marketing, but guiding you towards selecting what’s best for your business.

SEO Services Franklin: What do you get?

Our SEO services in Franklin are designed to help you with:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO uplifts your website and triggers your online growth. But this only happens when it is done correctly.

We develop and execute proven SEO strategies to improve your website’s search engine visibility and ensure that your SEO investments generate the results you expect.

Online campaigns can fail for many reasons, but most lack solid research and are based on cookie-cutter approaches.

We understand your business, industry, and audience. Our teams build an SEO campaign that is tailored for your business and bring you closer to your unique goals.

The SEO world is always changing. We leave no stone unturned in building and maintaining your organic growth with the latest best practices, insightful techniques, and a data-driven approach.

Keyword Analysis

Every successful SEO campaign builds on solid keyword research.

We deploy our experience-driven insights and the most advanced keyword research tools to find the right keywords for your business.

We shortlist the right keywords with a data-driven keyword selection process, ensuring that only those keywords make it to your campaign that promise to drive the most relevant web traffic.

Whether it is paid or organic search you are trying to win on, we use our insights to select the keywords that promise profitability and success.

Our teams don’t just select and incorporate keywords. We continue monitoring them to adjust your campaign accordingly as keyword performance data changes.

Keyword Analysis
Link Detox

Link Detox

Toxic links can drag a healthy website down. To prevent this from happening, we give your website the link detox it needs as a part of our SEO services.

Your website may have hundreds of toxic links, hindering your success and putting your website at risk to get you penalized.

Keeping it clean: We meticulously scan your backlink profile to spot and eliminate all toxic links and restore its optimality.

Not only that, working with us, you get a team of SEO and backlinking experts who help you avoid penalties and unlock online growth by regularly monitoring and promptly removing any toxic links your website may gain, maintaining the website’s health and your business’s growth momentum.

Link Building

Our SEO services cover the entire spectrum of requirements for a high-ranking website.

Working with us, you get link-building experts who work to acquire high-quality links for your website, building its reputation helping it rank higher.

Our link-building experts deploy manual link-building strategies, gaining handcrafted links that are far better than the bot-created ones for your website.

We meticulously select high-authority websites to get your links from and take care of every aspect of the link-building process.

We don’t just get links. We monitor them as well and promptly remove any toxic links your website may acquire over time.

Link Building
Content Creation

Content Creation

Our SEO services help your business get more organic interactions. And our content creation services ensure you get the most out of each of these interactions.

We help you leverage our SEO expertise, marketing insights, and writing prowess to develop high-quality content that delivers value and helps your website rank higher in search results.

Our team of writers and graphic designers join creative forces to give you the best results.

From informative blog posts to compelling product descriptions and web copies, our team of writers can create a wide range of high-quality written content. And our graphic designers work to bring life to this content, ensuring it attracts attention and delivers value.

Lead Generation

Your business’s bottom line is only as good as your leads.

Our lead generation experts help you acquire qualified leads you can seal the deal with to improve your bottom line and potentially increase your revenue.

We perform audience research and understand your industry to develop a lead-gen approach that’s right for your unique business and audience. Our lead-gen specialists deploy research-backed and powerful lead magnets across the most potent lead generation channels, ensuring you have a higher chance of filling your sales pipeline with better leads.

Our well-calculated, meticulously crafted lead-generation campaign promises maximum interest in your business from the right kind of people, so your sales teams can get more wins.

 Lead Generation

Why Use Landau Consulting for SEO Services in Franklin?

Optimistic companies do SEO. And the smart ones hire experts to help with it.

Our SEO services in Franklin have helped many small and medium-sized businesses step online and build a successful presence.

But that’s not all. See for yourself why you would want to work with us:

Regular Reporting

We don’t keep you in the dark. Working with us, you get regular updates via clear reports about your SEO results and progress.

We also schedule regular status calls with some of our clients. Depending on your package, you can choose to hop on a call with us every week to stay in the loop and have a better overview of your SEO

Regular Reporting

Client-centered Services

We strive to build strong work partnerships with our YOU-focused approach, putting your business’s requirements and your concerns first and fulfilling them to ensure not just top-notch results but your satisfaction as well.

Transparent Invoicing

You hate surprises when it comes to SEO invoicing. We know.

We discuss all the details of your SEO campaign upfront and keep you informed about the latest developments, so there are no surprises at the time of invoicing.

 Transparent Invoicing
Up-to-date Best Practices

Up-to-date Best Practices

While Google does not reveal details about its search algorithm, we religiously track algorithm changes by monitoring keyword performance daily. Our super-active approach helps us respond quickly to changes in search engine algorithms and helps us keep your website optimized with the latest best practices and according to the most recent ranking factors.

10+ Years of Experience

We empower your business with more than a decade of SEO experience.

Our experience has taught us a lot. Working with us, you leverage this knowledge and the experience-backed insights and use them for your business’s growth.

Our teams have helped numerous businesses expand their online presence. We have ranked our clients’ websites at the top on the search engine results page, even when the competition was high. And we continue to help our clients rank higher.

We do all that we can to get the best results for you.

Invest in your company’s future with SEO. Regardless of how tough your online situation is, we encourage you to reach out to us. We might be able to build a way to the top for your online business.

Discuss your situation with us. Get expert assistance and tailored solutions.

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