SEO Services in Edison, NJ

Bringing meaningful exposure for your online business.

Our Edison SEO services cover the complete SEO spectrum, helping you with everything needed for an optimized website.

We understand your concerns about your SEO results. They take time.

Our teams develop a clear roadmap with smaller milestones leading up to the big goal. We work towards these milestones and generate smaller wins that eventually turn into more significant wins, so you know we are on the right track.

We perform an in-depth website audit, understand your goals, and create a strategy that addresses the issues that may be restricting your SEO growth and bring you closer to your online goals.

We understand you may not be so sure about SEO.

We recommend what we believe is best for your business, no matter what it is.

If our teams believe your website and business will benefit from a paid approach more than an organic one, we can create a tailored PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaign.

So, whether it is SEO or PPC, you can rely on us to do what’s best for your business.

SEO can be an excellent business investment. We work with you to make it a profitable one for your business by developing strategies focused on driving qualified traffic, which contributes positively to your business and improves your bottom line.

Our Edison SEO Services Portfolio

We offer all the services needed for an overarching SEO strategy in one comprehensive portfolio which includes:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Your website and SEO work together to generate organic growth.

Our SEO strategies are built on detailed website audits and competitor and audience research, so we have a clear roadmap that guides your SEO campaign and delivers significant results.

Our SEO team comprises on-page and off-page optimization experts and technical SEO gurus, who join forces to optimize all aspects of your website, from on-site features to off-site authority, and the elements that work from the backend. As a result, our services boost your website’s SEO as a whole, not just a part of it.

We diligently track and monitor your SEO, figuring out what’s working and what’s not working, to enhance your SEO strategy.

Keyword Analysis

Every successful SEO campaign starts with a detailed keyword analysis.

We deploy the best available tools to find the right keywords for your industry. Adopting a data-driven approach and leveraging our extensive, experience-backed insights, our teams select what we believe are the most potent keywords for your website.

Our on-page optimization experts place these keywords strategically, ensuring that your website is well-equipped to rank for people who are likely to contribute to its profitability.

We don’t just select keywords, use them, and forget about them. We monitor each keyword in your portfolio and continue to gather insights that could help us enhance your keyword strategy.

Keyword Analysis
Link Building

Link Building

High-ranking websites are high authority websites. Handcrafted links build your website’s authority and contribute positively to your SEO progress. So our 100% human link-building experts work to acquire high-quality backlinks for your website.

We take care of all areas of effective link building, from finding out link building opportunities to reaching out to them, creating content to getting it published, and monitoring the results.

So, what you get from us is a backlink profile that promises long-term viability and positive contribution.

Link Detox

Our Edison SEO services are dedicated not just to building your online presence but also to maintaining it.

Your website can lose its SEO progress due to toxic links. We give it the detox it needs by regularly monitoring your backlink profile and effectively removing any toxic links that may threaten its health and optimality.

By maintaining a toxin-free backlink profile, we help you keep a healthy website with higher SEO scores and a better chance of ranking among the top search results.

Link Detox
 Content Creation

Content Creation

If your website is your sales representative, the content is the sales pitch.

SEO and content work together to attract traffic to your website and harness business-critical value from it.

That’s why content creation is a part of our Edison SEO services portfolio.

Blending our marketing prowess with writing skills, we develop research-driven, optimized content that we know will bring your website closer to its goals, no matter what they are.

Our team of graphic designers augments your written content by creating captivating graphics, ensuring your content offers visual and contextual value that builds user experience and eventually drives SEO results.

Lead Generation

We promise to improve your business’s bottom line. And we try to deliver it by converting the traffic we attract into qualified business leads.

With dedicated lead generation experts on our team, we perform thorough industry research and take the time to understand your audience and competitors. Based on this information, we choose a lead generation channel that we know promises the most leads.

We deploy tried-and-true lead gen strategies across these channels, bringing warm leads into your sales funnel that your sales team can convert into prospects or customers.


Why Choose Landau Consulting Edison SEO Services?

Choosing an SEO partner can be tricky. We know.

Our clients choose us because of our focused expertise, value-driving services, and empathetic approach.

But that’s only part of what you get when you choose Landau Consulting. Here’s more:

Regular SEO Updates

We keep you in the loop via regular, jargon-free, and clear reports. You always know what we are doing to turn your SEO investments into potentially profitable results.

Depending on your SEO package, you can also get yourself a regular status call with our team and get weekly updates on the progress of your SEO.


A Team that Genuinely Cares

We put your business first at Landau Consulting. If there is something we know won’t work for you, we don’t recommend it. Our teams only deploy strategies that we believe will boost your SEO progress and generate viable results.

Consistent with our client-focused approach, we maintain a low client-to-employee ratio. Your business always remains among our top priorities and receives as many resources as it needs to continue its journey.

We Practice Complete Transparency

We don’t hide strategies from you and then surprise you with unwanted “services” in the invoice.

With us working on your website SEO, you are in complete control of whatever happens. We recommend, you approve, then we implement, so you are aware of every inch of your SEO campaign.


A Toolkit Full of Latest Best Practices

We know how fast search engine algorithms change. Our SEO experts monitor algorithm updates regularly and adjust our SEO best practices accordingly.

Our teams ensure your website is optimized according to the most recent ranking factors, with the latest best practices.

A Decade of Experience to Benefit You

Trusting Landau Consulting with your SEO, you don’t just get a team of SEO experts. You also get an opportunity to leverage our 15 years of SEO experience and the insights that come with it.

Our service has evolved with SEO. We have generated desirable results for many businesses and have a long list of happy clients to vouch for us.

We understand the search engine landscape and how it changes. We know what works here and what generates a failed marketing campaign.

You can trust our insights to drive only the best possible results for your business.

Your concerns regarding SEO and SEO providers are genuine. Please reach out to us and discuss your SEO requirements.

Your website has a lot of business potential. Let us harness it and use it for your online growth.

Reach out to us. Let’s talk SEO.


Let Landau Consulting
Help You.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized enterprise, our goal is to help you reach growth and further expand your company’s capabilities. Contact us to learn more about our SEO and Internet marketing services in NJ today.

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