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We help businesses with SEO in Toms River and other areas, empowering them to step into the digital world and meet more customers.

At Landau Consulting, we believe businesses need to reinvent their customer acquisition approach. People shop online for everything now, from services to products to information. And as a business, you need to be where your target audience is.

We help your business reach and interact with its customers where they exist, that is, online.

Our SEO services optimize your web presence to help it rank higher in response to relevant searches.

We also help you build a fully-functional website, or enhance and maintain an existing one, so it can offer a viable platform where our SEO best practices can work their magic.

One of the reasons why online marketing campaigns fail is the lack of customization.

We don’t deploy cookie-cutter, legacy SEO techniques on your website.

Our teams develop an SEO strategy tailored to help your business accomplish its unique objectives.

Our SEO in Toms River Can Help You With:

Successful SEO stems from a sound campaign that addresses and optimizes various website elements. We offer comprehensive SEO services, ensuring that all your SEO needs are met in one place.

These services include:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

The online world is filled with websites. Many of these are competing in your industry.

A strong SEO strategy can help your website get found among the throng of websites online.

Our optimization practices ensure that your website checks all the search engine ranking factors and is built to rank higher. So, your SEO and website investments can work together to generate profitable business returns.

We have a diverse SEO team that promises to take care of all areas of your website, from the critical backend technical elements to the essential on-page engagement features and more. We have experts for everything.

Working with us, you get an audit-driven SEO process that uncovers weak areas on your website. We deploy tailored strategies that address these weak areas, optimize them, and uplift your website’s SEO score.

You don’t just get one-time SEO from us. Because that’s not a thing. We deliver regular checks and routine optimization and maintenance for continued progress.

Keyword Analysis

A successful SEO campaign is rooted in a robust keyword analysis process.

A keyword analysis is among the initial steps at Landau Consulting as we prepare to rank your website higher.

Our keyword analysis process comprises two parts: keyword finding and keyword selection.

We deploy a data-driven approach and the most advanced tools combined with customer input to find the most relevant, high-traffic keywords for your business. Then, adopting an experienced-backed, insight-driven process, we select the right keywords that we know will bring better results for your website and business.

Our on-page optimization experts ensure that you get the most out of every keyword by placing them in strategic locations on your website. This ensures that they serve their purpose well.

Just like SEO, keyword research isn’t a once-and-done thing.

We continue looking for new targeting opportunities by regularly performing keyword research. Our experts monitor your existing keyword portfolio to track the performance of each keyword and react to changes quickly.

Keyword Analysis
Link Building

Link Detox

Toxic links can erode your website’s health and stop your online progress from dead in its tracks. That’s why your website needs a regular link detox to ensure it can continue to contribute to your internet-driven growth.

We maintain your business website’s health by strategically going after any such toxic links that directly threaten your website’s optimality.

Our service helps you prevent search engine penalties, which can often be deadlier than you can imagine.

We also know that site score is proportional to the website’s rank. So, our teams maintain your website’s SEO score, ensuring that your website is fit to rank high in the search results.

Link Building

Our SEO for Toms River businesses does not only maintain your SEO score. We help build it as well with our link-building services.

Our link-building experts leverage all possible resources to earn your website high authority backlinks that can sculpt your website’s reputation in the search engine space.

We deploy a natural link acquisition strategy that promises high authority links that can bring long-term value and promise lasting results for your website.

We don’t just acquire links. We take care of the entire process, from reaching out to potential resources to creating content and getting it published.

Our teams continue to monitor the backlink profile we create for you to spot and eliminate broken links. In this way, we build and maintain your online reputation and ensure that the links we bring in continue to deliver value for you.


Link Detox
Content Creation

Content Creation

Content is at the heart of SEO.

We take care of your website’s content with our content creation services.

At Landau Consulting, we have a team of writers who create unique, informative, and valuable content through a research-driven process. This ensures that your website sports factually-authentic content that serves your customers and your business well.

Our content creation approach also addresses your goals. Whether you aim to build authority, drive traffic, or generate increased conversions, our writers work to meet your goals.

And, of course, SEO is the ultimate goal. We deliver according to your content requirements while keeping SEO in mind, so your content can serve as a two-pronged sword and deliver your goals as well as serve you according to your SEO.

Lead Generation

We promise to help your business grow. And we deliver on our promise by providing lead generation as a part of our SEO service.

So we don’t just bring traffic. We help you get real value out of it.

At Landau Consulting, we prioritize both volume and quality of leads. In this way, our service remains focused on filling your sales pipeline with qualified leads that are more likely to generate revenue for your business.

Our lead gen experts adopt research and analysis-driven process. This helps them understand your industry and pick lead generation channels that promise the best results.

We also deploy tailored lead generation strategies that we know may resonate better with your target audience, ultimately resulting in better leads.

We don’t just deploy legacy lead magnets, hoping to get more leads.

We keep a finger on your audience’s pulses and know what would attract them the most. And hence, our teams develop and deploy lead magnets that pull the most promising leads towards your business.

Lead Generation

Why Trust Us for SEO in Toms River?

SEO can be a promising investment in your company’s future. And that’s why selecting the right SEO partner often becomes somewhat of a challenge.

Here’s why businesses trust us to do their website’s SEO:

We Keep it Real

We start our SEO process with an in-depth audit of your website. This is so you know what your website needs and understand the process better right from the start.

We tell you upfront if we think your business might benefit more from an approach other than SEO.

We also build Pay-per-click campaigns, if needed. So, your business can get the best of both channels.

Regular Reports
Well-optimized Client-to-Employee Ratio

Strong and Clear Communication

You need to know what’s happening with your website. We make sure you stay updated with your SEO progress by regularly creating and sharing clear reports.

We can also arrange a weekly status call with you and give you the latest updates as we discuss existing progress and plans concerning your SEO.

Proven Track Record of Excellent SEO Performance

You found us, right?  We have built and ranked our own website. But that’s just one proof of our SEO expertise. We are SEO experts and have been doing SEO for almost 15 years. In this time, we have helped many businesses rank higher in the search results.

We acknowledge that the search engine space has evolved a lot since then. But, being a result-focused team, we do the best we can to make sure your website has a higher chance of finding visibility in the competitive online space.

Transparent Plans and Pricing
Latest Best Practices

Your Growth, Our Priority

We are client-focused, meaning our service, and everything that we do is focused on your growth. All the decisions we make and the campaigns we create are dedicated to helping your business gain the benefits of the internet world.

Swift Approach

While you work on growing your business offline, we focus on developing and maintaining its growth online by closely tracking the latest search engine ranking factors and optimizing your website accordingly.

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We have the answers.

Reach out to us. Discuss your online situation and goals. And let us help.

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