Who in Their Right Mind Would Invest in SEO???


Who in Their Right Mind Would Invest in SEO???

Search engine optimization or SEO online marketing techniques have become a staple in almost all online marketing strategies. Many marketers now rely on SEO to help their websites gain traction in the online world.

But is SEO worth the money? All it does is drive more prospects to your website while also optimizing it to convert these leads (or potential buyers) into actual, paying, contributing-to-your-business’s-growth customers.

Who needs higher search engine rankings, visibility in the internet world, greater web traffic, more buyers, increased online sales, and other benefits that SEO online marketing techniques have? No one. Right?

Are you still thinking of investing in SEO? Here are some more reasons to convince you to stay clear of SEO for your website.

Reason #1: SEO brings high-quality traffic.

High-quality traffic is just a fancy term used for website visitors who are genuinely interested in what your website offers.

SEO ensures that your website gets in front of people out in the internet world searching for what you have by optimizing your website around relevant search phrases and users’ search intent, another fancy term used for what people have in mind when searching for something.

Therefore, SEO is said to bring those people to your website who are more likely to do what your website wants them to do, like subscribing to your channel, signing up for your newsletter, interacting with your business, or buying your products.

And do you need that kind of traffic??? After all, who wants people to buy their products, interact with their business or do any of the stuff mentioned above. Because you have invested in a website for your products and services never to be seen by any visitors and buyers ever again and get lost in the internet world, right?

If you are still not convinced about not investing in an SEO online marketing strategy despite it bringing customers to your website and contributing to its growth, here is another reason to prove its futility:

Reason #2: SEO gets your website more clicks

Website clicks? Who needs website clicks? What do increased clicks even do for a website besides indicating that your website is seeing more web traffic and is likely to generate more revenue?

SEO enables a website to rank organically or naturally for relevant searches, which is in contrast to paid ranking, where websites buy their place at the top of the search engine results page. And statistics show that organically ranking websites get more clicks than paid ads because apparently, people trust the websites that Google has deemed worthy enough to display on the first search engine results page and visit them.

But who needs more clicks when your website is perfectly fine in a dark corner of the internet, not optimized to rank in the search results, seeing zero clicks and meager web traffic? Only people who want to cash in on the benefits that come with greater visibility in the internet world.

To make sure that you deeply understand how useless SEO is, here is another reason to strengthen the foundation of SEO futility that has been built with the last two reasons for not doing SEO for your website:

Reason #3: SEO helps you get ahead of your competitors

Get ahead of competitors? Competitors exist to lead you and show you the ropes of the industry so you can always stay behind them, follow in their steps, and look up to them.

Then what’s with SEO helping you get ahead of your competitors? It helps you beat your competitors and leave them behind. It can make you the industry authority by building a reputation among the customers and help your business grow by bringing in more leads, making you become the leader, with your competitors looking up to you.

Why would anyone want to be in such an uncomfortable position, with all that attention?

The best way to help your competitors grow their business and maintain their larger market share than you is to never invest in SEO.  So that your competitors can continue to lead you in online sales and lead generation and you always have someone to follow instead of lead.

If you are still here, that means you are unsure about not investing in SEO. No problem, the following reason will definitely convince you to not do SEO for your website.

Reason #4: SEO promises a good return on investment

SEO is expensive, but it can generate a remarkable return on investment once it gets your website to rank at the top. A top-ranking website serves as a business’s advertisement in the online marketplace. It drives brand awareness, bringing in more customers. This ad is essentially free when compared with your typical PPC (pay-per-click) ad, which charges for every click that it gets for your website.

But why invest in something to get more money when you already have it sitting in your account, not multiplying itself but depleting and losing its value with time.

Reading this far, you are probably partially or almost entirely convinced about not investing in SEO because you enjoy your website’s invisibility and obscurity.

To ensure that you do not retract and change your mind here is another reason why investing in SEO is not a good idea:

Reason #5: SEO brings long-term success

You may want overnight fame and success, the one that goes as quickly as it comes. But SEO promises success and benefits that take some time to come around, but once they make an appearance, they stick around for a while.

These benefits include, among others, prolonged website visibility, because once a website ranks, it is rare for it to lose this rank, and increased sales because taking your website to the top of the search results, SEO consistently drives high-quality traffic to the website which results in increased sales and more revenue for the website owner.

All of these classify as benefits that show value in the long run and can lead to unwavering success, and who’s got time to wait for long-term success?

All these insightful reasons stating the consequences of investing in SEO have probably convinced you to steer clear of it if you want to enjoy your bottom-position in the search engine results pages, where you don’t see any traffic, barely have any sales, and your business withers away.

Are you still not convinced about not doing SEO for your website? That could be because you have seen online businesses flourish due to SEO and wish to see your own website ranking organically at the top in the search results, attracting high-quality traffic and contributing to your business’s growth. If that’s so, you may want to give it a go with SEO.

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