Why Can’t the 9 Million People in New Jersey Find Your Website?

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Why Can’t the 9 Million People in New Jersey Find Your Website?

Ever wonder why there are over 9 million people in New Jersey, yet not even 0.001% of this population is viewing your website? It’s not personal, but it may be an indication that you need to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Marketing online without SEO is like playing hide and seek with your website and target audience. Your site is that elusive friend who can’t be found, no matter how hard the seeker tries. The consequence is you miss the chance to connect with potential customers who are actively looking for what you offer.

Search engines are an expansive channel where brands can engage with their target audience. Internet users are ten times more likely to click web pages on the top listing of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Websites that appear on the first page have a higher chance of getting more leads and converting them into sales.

Suppose your website is on page three, and you are thinking this is good. The sad reality is you are only exposed to up to 1% of the total search traffic because so few people search beyond page 2. It is like hosting a party without giving directions and only one person shows up.

As a business owner, you know you have a lot to offer. But if your site is nowhere to be seen in the SERPs, your brand is not reaching its target audience. Gaining higher leads and conversions can be achieved by refining one prime factor: organic search visibility.

What is Organic Search Visibility?

Organic search visibility, also known as SEO visibility, represents how likely it is for the audience to see, click, and access your website in Google search results when searching for keywords that describe your goods and services. The higher your targeted keywords rank, the higher the chances the users can see and click them. Since the digital market is becoming more competitive, establishing a robust online presence to attract a global or local audience and increase your profit is important.

What Affects Your Search Visibility?

Anything that influences search engine rankings affects your online visibility. Google, the most popular search engine, uses complex algorithms to rank pages. You need to take into consideration its ranking factors to build solid search visibility.

Search Intent and Relevance

Google delivers the most relevant and quality content to what the audience is searching for. Your web page must match the user’s search intent to rank higher.

Meta Tags

Meta tags like the <title> tag tell search engines what your site’s pages are about. These tags should contain the main keywords that a webpage is targeting.

Content Quality

Helpful and engaging content usually ranks better in SERPs. It must satisfy user intent, answer questions, and demonstrate authority.

Website Architecture

A well-structured webpage helps users find what they need. It also helps search engines crawl important pages more quickly, making them more likely to get indexed and ranked.

What Holds Your Site Back from Ranking in Google?

Getting your website to rank on Google is challenging, but maintaining and improving your position on the SERPs can be more complicated. If your site rankings are stagnant, it is time to hire a reputable NJ SEO company.

Professionals know the reasons why your site rankings are being held back, and here are some of them:

Poor Content Quality

Who wants to read poor-quality and unreliable content? The truth is no one.

Content quality plays an essential role in website rankings. It will be difficult for you to rank on Google if your content does not provide any value to the users. Creating poor-quality content will negatively affect your hard-earned rankings and decrease your profitability in the long run.

When you write a website content, carefully plan its structure. Do research to see what common questions are being asked and find answers to satisfy your customer queries. Well-structured content can increase user engagement, build brand credibility, and achieve optimized SEO NJ results.

Additionally, avoid having an excess of pages covering identical topics to prevent keyword cannibalization. This situation can result in a perplexed Googlebot struggling to discern which pages should appear on a SERP.

Your Website Has “Noindex” Tags

A “noindex” meta tag, coded in HTML, instructs Google to exclude specific pages from appearing in search results. Consequently, pages with this code will not be indexed by Google.

Developers usually utilize a “noindex” code to prevent Google from ranking pages that are still in the development phase. Sometimes, they forget to remove the tag once the page is completed. In certain instances, selecting the wrong content management systems (CMS) settings during website creation can also automatically include this tag on every page.

To address this, you can use Google Search Console to identify any “noindex” tagged pages. Then, navigate your Coverage report and search for this error: “submitted URL marked ‘noindex.'” If Google has not yet crawled the pages in your sitemap, you can consider using a site audit tool to check your website for any “noindex” meta tags.

Your Keywords Are Too Competitive

If you have taken various measures to optimize your content, but your website is not appearing on Google SERPs, it may be time to re-evaluate your keyword targeting.

Aiming for high-competition results, especially against larger brands, can often result in your business being overlooked. You should consider targeting long-tail, more precise phrases that comprise three or more keywords.

Although long-tail keywords may have lower monthly search volumes, they are less competitive, thereby increasing your likelihood of securing a top position in search results.

Your Website Does Not Have Excellent User Experience

If your site has poor user experience (UX), you can kiss your goal of first-page rankings goodbye.

Google ranks valuable websites with great page experience. If your visitors do not have an excellent experience on your site, they will not waste their time browsing your company. A high bounce rate and low dwell time signal Google that your webpage is low quality.

In contrast, engaging visitors with a positive UX reduces bounce rates and improves your opportunity to lead users into the sales funnel. As a marketer, optimizing user experience can contribute to the overall efficiency of your internet marketing NJ.

While there are lots of ways to achieve excellent user experience, here are some of the basics:

  • Improve your site’s loading time by employing page speed optimization and superior hosting.
  • Simplify your site’s navigation to facilitate easy access to information.
  • Use visual elements to diversify content and capture visitors’ attention.

Look for the Best Online Marketing Company in NJ

Let’s face facts. No matter how appealing your website is, without SEO, it is just an ornament lost in the abyss of the Internet.

But all is not lost. Hiring the best online marketing company NJ can help you execute data-driven strategies to establish a solid online presence. It can be difficult to pinpoint why your website is not ranking on your own and even more challenging to execute effective online marketing NJ. If SEO is too much for you, you can opt for the best online marketing services in New Jersey and beyond.

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