Writing Is The Hardest Part


Writing Is The Hardest Part

Building or revamping a website is complicated stuff. So, most people let professionals do it. But writing web content looks simple. Therefore, many business owners decide to do it themselves.

Why pay someone to write a web copy for you when you can easily do it yourself, especially when you know your business and its prospects better than anyone else? It makes no sense. Or does it?

The truth is, writing is the hardest part. Many web development and revamp projects often face delays or fail to accomplish their goals due to copywriting.

That’s because finding professional copywriters is difficult. Not just that, but web copywriting, or any writing for that matter, is a craft in and of itself. And so, DIYing it can be tedious for non-writers.

Web copywriting demands attention and dedication and cannot be treated as the easy bit of a project, something that can be done in no time.

This is why many businesses find web content writing services viable. These services have already done the hard part of finding professional copywriters. So, working with them, you get to leverage the skills of a professional writer and equip your website with powerful content without spending too much of your time or mental bandwidth.


Why Should You Take Web Copywriting More Seriously?

Your website loads fast, has an excellent design, and you even put up all the information you think the customers need. Isn’t that enough? No.

While website design and load speed play an important role in generating sales, it is the website copy that keeps the customers engaged and subtly nudges them toward taking the action you want them to take.

A pretty-looking brick-and-mortar store will drive a good sales volume only if it has a trained sales staff that can convince people of the value of its products.

It is the same with a website.

A website can only drive conversions (sales or whatever action you want the customers to take) if the web copy is compelling enough to convince the customers of the product’s value.

What Does Compelling Web Copy Look Like?

Okay, so you need compelling web copy. But, before you can get that, you need to know what it looks like.

Compelling web copy is simple. It delivers the message clearly and concisely. More importantly, it not only lists the features of the product the website sells but strong web copy makes the benefits of this product crystal clear and aligns them with the readers’ most pressing pain points.

If you sell office chairs, you would want to tell people how ergonomic their design is. But saying that would leave the readers assuming how this would benefit them. A compelling copy for selling an office chair would be clear on how it is built to alleviate back problems and make its users more productive.

The tone and style of compelling web copy are also carefully curated and adapted according to the target audience’s preferences.

Every audience group has a different tone and style. Talk to someone from Gen Z and then talk to a boomer, and you will know. You may be able to identify a difference in tone and style when talking to people from different professional areas as well.

So, along with being clear and concise, you must also make sure to deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience.

All these attributes make web copy a bit more complicated to write than other, regular documents, like an email. And this is why all the successful businesses you see today work with professional copywriters.

Why Should You Get Help from Professional Writers?

Okay, other businesses hire web content writing services for their web copy. But do you really need one? The answer is: it depends.

If you prefer a web copy that helps your website generate sales and want to get the job done without abandoning your business tasks, then yes. You really need help from professional writers.

Professional writers are a no-brainer choice for successful businesses for multiple reasons such as:

Writing Requires Creativity and a Knack for Writing

You know your business best. That’s true. But conveying this information so it makes for compelling web copy requires skill.

You see, writing, and especially copywriting, is no science. You cannot put two and two together and get four. Yes, there is some science to it. But writing compelling content is art for the most part.

And so, as not just anyone holding a paintbrush can be Picasso and create evergreen, beautiful art, anyone putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard cannot create a web copy that convinces people to buy from a business.

A professional writer is skilled in the art of writing. And this shows in their work.

Professional writers stitch ideas together, so they flow seamlessly. They know the secrets to conveying your message in a way that convinces the prospects of the value your product will add to their life.

Professional copywriters sell your product without being too sales-y and draw in customers without being too explicit about their intentions.

Professional Writers Get The Style Right

A professional writer can convey one idea in multiple ways. They know how to adjust words in a sentence so the meaning remains the same but it becomes more relevant to the target audience.

For example, saying things like “crank your bookkeeping up a notch” when selling accounting software won’t be appropriate. That’s because you may be talking to accountants or C-level professionals. And these words may not sit too well with them.

A professional writer would know how to convey the same message in words that resonate more with these people. They may write something like “Streamline your bookkeeping and take control of your finances.”

A web copy that aligns with the style of the audience and addresses their pain points shows them they are understood. And customers are more likely to engage with businesses that they feel understand their problems and have relevant solutions.

Writers Write. That’s What They Do.

Business owners may have web copywriting as the seventh thing on their long to-do list. That’s because writing is not what they primarily do. Running a business is.

So, they cook writing on the back burner. And when writing stews on the back burner, the results aren’t as compelling as they should be.

A writer, on the other hand, writes. It’s their career. It’s what they do. And so they take writing as their top-of-the-list priority. Everything else comes second.

And when a project is taken and completed as a priority, the results you see are different.

Not just that, but researching the audience’s pain points and preferred tone and style and then writing a copy that accounts for all of that takes time.

You may not have that kind of time. But writers do.

Since they write for a living, writers have the time it takes to go deeper into research and come up with important bits of information that can make your web copy more powerful.

They Help Fulfill the Purpose of Your Web Copy

Your web copy has a purpose – it needs to make people do what you want them to do.

Writers work to create web copy that fulfills this purpose.

Copywriters are not just writers. They are marketers as well. And so professional writers understand the important principles needed to drive conversions.

Leveraging their marketing insights and writing skills, they create web copies that persuade the readers to take action without selling them too explicitly and driving them off the website.

Professional Writers Understand Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Your online business gets rolling once your website is visible to its target audience. And one of the most reliable ways of making that happen is search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO helps your website reach the right people.

But even SEO cannot work to its capacity unless your website is equipped with optimized web copy.

Professional writers understand on-page website optimization tactics and deploy these tactics when creating your website’s content. Once your web copy is search engine optimized, it is fit to help your website rank higher and get more organic traffic.

Web copy has a purpose beyond simply occupying the white space on your website and informing people about your business. It needs to engage, convince and convert the audience to act in your favor.

Since it shoulders such heavy responsibilities, writing a web copy is the hardest part of a web development project unless there are professional writers on board.

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