You Should Spend Less Time Managing Your Technology and More Time Running Your Business!

You Should Spend Less Time Managing Your Technology and More Time Running Your Business Inffgraphic Image


You Should Spend Less Time Managing Your Technology and More Time Running Your Business!

When constructing your dream home, you wouldn’t attempt to lay the foundation, frame the walls, or do the electrical yourself. No, the wise choice would be to hire a professional to handle every step to ensure the job is done to the highest standard.

Running a business and managing aspects of your technology infrastructure is much the same. It’s complicated, time-consuming, and can ultimately slow down the growth of your firm. These challenges highlight why business owners should spend less time managing their business technology and outsource the work to a reliable IT service provider.


Debunking Myths About Running Your Business Alone

Small business owners often fall victim to false assumptions of undertaking numerous tasks themselves in an attempt to save money; after all, smaller firms have fewer resources. However, this might not always be true.

Here are some misconceptions small business owners must correct.

1. A Small Business is Easy to Manage

Small businesses may be small, but that does not mean they are easy to manage. Selling products and services is not the only job you will be doing; you’ll also be busy managing sales, marketing, customer services, and overseeing your IT. All of these tasks can be overwhelming without proper help.


2. Small Businesses Do Not Need Third-Party Assistance

Startups typically have more to deal with since they need to penetrate the market (and maintain a good market share) and promote their brand. With too much to do, it would make sense to hire a third-party computer help desk NJ.

Businesses of all sizes delegate many of their administrative tasks to outsourcing companies. Studies found that 92% of G2000 companies turn to outsourcing for help in their IT infrastructure. If large corporations need assistance, so do smaller firms.

3. Outsourcing Computer Support is Just an Expense

While outsourcing small business computer support requires payment of service fees, the returns for your company are worth the price. These third-party companies can unlock the hidden potential of your business, allowing increased productivity. Plus, outsourcing provides significant cost-cutting for up to 63% of businesses, giving these firms more funds to channel aggressive marketing strategies and product development for increased sales.


The Hidden Expenses of Doing Everything Yourself

The idea of DIY has always sounded appealing to many individuals. DIY or Do-It-Yourself gives the feeling of freedom and control over the project and, to top it off, cost-effectiveness. One of the reasons why some business owners prefer to handle their technology infrastructure themselves is to save money, but does DIY truly give an economic advantage?

Hiring a third-party team of IT professionals is a small price compared to the total cost of managing every aspect of your technology. There will be hidden expenses that might impact your company’s overall efficiency and profitability if you take over IT roles:

  • Immense pressure and exhaustion as a business owner. You are likely a perfectionist, but you can’t give every task your all.
  • Reduced productivity due to divided attention.
  • Shortage of knowledge and skills in every facet of IT infrastructure, especially cybersecurity.
  • Lack of innovation and strategic planning, resulting in business growth stagnation.
  • Mistakes and rework that puts your business at risk of legal and financial consequences.
  • Significant opportunity costs, as the time spent on technology could have been used to expand the business.
  • Increased turnover rates and employee dissatisfaction due to lack of support from management.


How Non-Core Tasks Impede Business Progress

Small business owners can manage most tasks well under their control. However, the problem with business owners taking the wheel in managing non-core activities like IT is that the time they consume working on them could have been better spent on growing the company.

If you have ever tried building a home, you might have been tempted to finish some construction work yourself. For instance, making the cabinets yourself sounds cheaper when you do it on your own than hiring a pro. After all, no one wants to pay for a worker when they can learn it and take matters into their own hands.

But it’s easy to make mistakes when building cabinets. The doors might not fit, or the paint may not match the interior design. In worst-case scenarios, the cabinets might fall apart due to poor installation.

While making those cabinets yourself might save you from professional fees, you may soon be faced with the problem of fixing them. Since you’re occupied with repairing and finding ways to improve your cabinets, you won’t be able to move on to the next project.

That’s precisely the same with managing your business technology. There are many ways you can fumble your IT and end up spending more money, energy, and time trying to clean the mess. The company loses direction without your guidance, and in the end, you’ll have bigger long-term expenses than actual savings.


Outsourcing Computer Support: The Cost-Effective Solution

A good question every business owner must ask themselves from time to time is, “How can they maximize their time, effort, and resources?” Dealing with business technology is an administrative task better assigned to an IT team, not you.

Delegating the work to a reliable small business computer support NJ will clear up much of the burden you carry around as a business owner. These third-party companies specialize in assisting small to medium enterprises with their technological needs to ensure they remain competitive.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Computer Support

  • Cost-Efficiency – Outsourcing your IT needs may be more affordable than relying on an in-house team. These service providers not only give you access to a team of experienced professionals but also have the necessary and up-to-date technology needed to boost your firm. Additionally, you pay only for what you use instead of full-time employees who may not be fully utilized.
  • Risk Mitigation – Only 14% of small businesses are capable of defending themselves against cyberattacks. Cyber incidents can leave your company in shambles from financial losses, legal liabilities, operational disruptions, and reputational damage. Hiring an outsourcing agency can significantly strengthen your business’s security, ensuring your data is safe from cyberattacks.
  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance – One of the best benefits of outsourcing your IT management is round-the-clock technical support and maintenance services to maintain uninterrupted and efficient operations.
  • Focus on Business Growth – With IT tasks off your hands, you can prioritize business activities that promote growth and success, such as market expansion, customer acquisition, and product development.


Cost-Effective Expert Support: IT Solutions by Landau Consulting

To build a beautiful home with great value, you will need a team of experienced builders, architects, and designers every step of the way. The same is true for businesses; a company of many different departments with varying tasks needs specialized experts for smooth operations.

Some small business owners assume they can manage the departments in their business with mere motivation. But running a company shouldn’t be a one-man show. Every winning business that has reached the top had and still has a reliable assistant who helped them get to where they are now.

The path to success starts with outsourcing. Talk to Landau Consulting at for enterprise-level IT solutions perfect for small businesses.



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