8 Reasons Why Small Business Should NOT Hire Outside IT Services


Hiring outside IT support is said to have profound benefits for businesses, especially the smaller ones. That’s why IT service providers are gaining great popularity as businesses continue to outsource their mundane and complex IT tasks.

Does that mean you should hire an outside IT service as well? Absolutely not!

Here are a few reasons small businesses like yours should never hire outside IT support:

Reason #1: Outsourcing IT Saves Time

Time, especially when it belongs to a small business owner like you, is meant to be wasted doing everything other than your entrepreneurial tasks. Like monitoring your backups, updating your software, and learning how to fix a broken computer. And what an outsourced IT team does is, it saves time. How ridiculous!

An outside IT service takes care of your hardware repairs, software updates, network monitoring, and backups. If all of that is managed, what will you do with all the time this saves you? You will have no option other than to concentrate on growing your business. And what a shame would that be.

That leads to the next reason why you should never outsource your IT service, which is:

Reason #2: Outsourcing IT Reduces Costs

Delegating your IT tasks to an IT company contributes to an increase in profit. This means more money for growing your business, which in turn means the hassle of increased customers to serve and new business ventures to focus on.

These IT companies have their own tools and resources that are needed to build, monitor, manage, and repair your entire IT infrastructure. So, by hiring them, you would miss out on a chance to go IT shopping and spend your profit on buying expensive IT tools and resources.

Additionally, having IT professionals on your payroll increases your overhead exponentially. IT services offer the same or even better level of expertise and a diverse portfolio of skills at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house IT team. But you like having your own IT team, right? It would minimize your profit and likely put your business behind your competitors but would make you look cool among your peers.

This leads to the next reason why you must not outsource your IT services:

Reason #3: IT Companies Offer Flexibility

IT companies work with you on use as you need basis.

This means you can ask them to send additional resources when your IT requirements increase while their usual teams take care of your regular IT tasks. The extra help can go back once the specialized requirements are fulfilled, so only day-to-day IT experts remain, and you only pay for what you use.

For example, your IT company would deploy additional experts along with their regular IT staff while migrating your company data to the cloud. The regular staff will continue to perform everyday IT tasks, like backup and monitoring, while the specialized team takes care of cloud migration, and once that’s done, this team can go back, leaving only the regulars with you to take care of your IT needs. But, you want to hire an entire in-house IT support team so that they can still be there once the workload has normalized because you like having unnecessary staff on your payroll. And you have a pool of money that you don’t know where to spend.

With that being said, here is another reason why small businesses should steer clear of these IT services that have nothing to offer but progress and advancement.

Reason #4: They Keep You Up-to-Date with the Latest Technologies

The world of technology continues to evolve quickly. You often find that the antivirus you use has been upgraded to provide better security or the business management software you use has a new update that enhances its functionality. Managed IT service providers track all these updates and ensure that you build upon the latest hardware and software technologies.

But you, being a small business owner, enjoy the thrill that comes with trying to keep pace with the fast-moving tech world, right? Why would you let some IT company and its professionals take away the adrenaline rush you get while trying to follow all the IT developments?

Talking about thrill, there is more than just one way that IT companies grab it. And consequently, more reasons to not hire them.

Reason #5: Preventive Approach

Have you ever experienced the excitement that comes when your IT infrastructure has been compromised, your servers have broken down, and your network is facing severe connectivity issues? It is insane.

IT companies can monitor your IT infrastructure and offer proactive maintenance, so your business does not react when there is a disaster; it avoids it.

That means, they strip you of the excitement that the sleepless nights that a technical disaster brings. They take away the exhilarating feeling of increasing customer disappointment and the feverishness of reduced business profitability because of a technological failure. You don’t want to miss out on such excitement, do you?

If you want more reasons to be convinced of avoiding outsourcing your IT, here’s another one:

Reason #6: IT Companies Help Avoid Mistakes

Even a small mistake in managing IT can be catastrophic.

But you love experimenting and wouldn’t mind if you accidentally destroy a computer, download malicious software, or corrupt your entire data while managing your IT tasks yourself. That is why, you don’t need an IT team, because why hire professionals just to avoid disastrous mistakes?

Since we are on the topic of making mistakes, you don’t mind investing in the wrong technologies, right? Because the next reason relates to that:

Reason #7: Expert Advice

When you hire an outside IT service, you get access to their live help desk that can offer expert technical advice.

But who needs technological advice when buying hardware or software? You can simply opt for the trusted trial-and-error process, buy new hardware, or invest in software, see if it works for your business, and discard it if it doesn’t. Being a small business, you have no financial restrictions and an endless supply of investments after all.

By now, you must have decided to never invest in an independent IT company again. And to reinforce your decision here’s is the final and most important reason why you shouldn’t opt for outsourcing your IT:

Reason #8: Enhanced Cybersecurity

You don’t care if a hacker steals all your business data. So, you don’t need to waste time with an IT service because all they do is proactively monitor your network to detect unusual activity and unauthorized access and ward off malicious attacks on your system.

IT companies continuously update your antivirus software and firewall systems. But you want to do this mundane yet critical task yourself because you have all the time in the world and your business runs itself, right?

It doesn’t matter if your business is not compliant with the latest IT security standards and regulations set by the government, and you will be totally fine if you are penalized for it. That is why you do not need an IT company that ensures your compliance with the latest IT security regulations and best practices.

Finally, ensuring that your data is secure and accessible in case of data loss is not your priority. So, hiring an outside IT service would be nothing but a wasted investment because they continuously backup your data to secure secondary locations. And, they can have a customized disaster recovery plan in place to respond to disasters and ensure that your business does not suffer at the hands of data theft or natural or manmade disasters.

Still here? You must have some really good reasons if you have read this far and are still not convinced about not investing in an independent IT company.

Maybe you have seen how your competitors are always up-to-date with the latest technologies. How they thrive on increased productivity with their IT services managed. How they always invest in the right IT resources because they have an IT support team to give them advice. You may have heard of them reaching out to a computer helpdesk at any hour and getting IT assistance.

Maybe these observations compel you to hire a managed IT service provider. If that’s so, you may want to reach out to Landau Consulting offering small business computer support in NJ. We can manage your IT tasks for you, so you can enjoy increased profit, enhanced productivity, and focus on growing your business.

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